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Manual install into XAMPP1.8.1

Application - Jan 25 2013
Question:I have owncloud running and want to install your app. I downloaded and unzipped your file into a folder I named "shorty" in the 3rdparty directory of my HTDOCS/owncloud. When I browse to owncloud, open "admin, settings, apps" I don't see the option to enable "shorty". What am I missing??

BTW I'm using owncloud 4.5.5
The base install is working otherwise. I can upload, download, play music, calendar works and picture slideshow functions

[edited by arkascha on 2013-01-25]

Answer:I took the liberty to edit your answer (which actually was an additional comment), since aparently this KnowledgeBase only allows a single answer to each question...
I moved your additional comment into your question above. Hope that is fine with you!

First: thanks for your interest and also thanks for the feedback!

The answer:

all apps installed into ownCloud belong into the internal 'apps' folder. This is the only place where apps are recognized.
The '3rdparty' folder is for 3rdparty libraries and the like, not for apps.
I would expect that if you move the folder 'shorty' you created into the 'apps' folder, that the app will be listed inside the app section of the admin area.
The fact that 'Shorty' is a 3rdparty app only means that it is not developed by the core ownCloud team. But it still is an app.

Hope this helps!

PS: but I don't understand why you have to install 'Shorty' manually at all...
'Shorty' is not only compatible with ownCloud in version 4.5.5, that version is actually the one that should offer the 'Shorty' and the 'Shorty Tracking' apps out of the box inside the app section without any need to install them manually. All that should be requied is to 'activate' the apps. Download and installation should be done by ownCloud itself.
No idea what is wrong in your case... Maybe your ownCloud installation does not have an own internet access?

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