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Most of the functionality of this website can be accessed via public webservice APIs.
Presently, we support two kinds of APIs. The old one, the GHNS API, also know as "Get Hot New Stuff" API, makes content accessible for old KDE desktop applications and the new Open Collaboration Services API which is much more powerful and provides access to all different kinds of functionality of this website and other possible data providers.
If you are a developer you can integrate some of the community or content functionality into widgets, desktop applications or other websites. Or if you want to add content to your site, be sure to look at at this site, too!

Open Collaboration Services

Open Collaboration Services is an open specification for a modern REST based API. It's free, open, scalable, secure, privacy protected and vendor independent. It was designed by and was defined as an independent standard by We fully support the specification on all our websites. You can find the specification on the Open Collaboration Services wiki info page or general information about the specification on the official web site.

You can use your existing username / password combination from this website to access this API or you can use an API key-based authentification. Get your API key here.
Access to the API for this website is available via the hostname:

GHNS (Get Hot New Stuff)

The GHNS API is the legacy API used for accessing content on this website via KDE Desktop Applications. A complete list of all available GHNS feeds can be obtained here.


Feel free to send us your feedback to our manuals, APIs and websites. We gladly receive and consider your suggestions for improving our service to you. Leave a comment below or drop us an e-mail.


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