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GPX Viewer extended


ownCloud Tool

Score 73%
GPX Viewer extended

GPX Viewer extended

GPX Viewer extended

Minimum required   ownCloud 7
Maximum required   ownCloud 8.2
Downloads:  4171
Submitted:  Jan 7 2015
Updated:  Mar 22 2016


This App is showing your GPX-Files in Owncloud with your Browser.
I added some extra stats like a split table and some nice charts.

OC 8.2
To get this working with OC8.2 you have to add an entry in your /config/mimetypemapping.json
"gpx": ["application/gpx"]

If this file dont exist, create it. It shoud look like:
"gpx": ["application/gpx"]

Then running "php occ files:scan --all


** IMPORTANT ** This App modifies the mimetypes.list.php (lib/private/mimetypes.list.php) to enable .gpx support Please check the Permissions for writing, at the moment the Installationroutine does NOT care about success or fail while overwrite thie file.

Attention: When installing this app, oc_filecache is flushed and this breaks all shares.

If you DON'T want that the installer to modifies your mimetypes.list.php, create a file called installed located in the app-folder sys (apps/files_gpxviewer/sys/). This prevents the app to run the automatic-installation and flushing oc_filecache.


This app is forked from GPX Viewer 0.1 by Restless123 (


v 1.6
- fixed: shared file doesn't show map tiles
- added: app icons
- removed: unused images

v 1.5
- added: new translations: czech, french, galician
- added: moving time with the get_moving_time
- fixed: change the duration with the get_total_time

v 1.4
- added: new translation: spanish (thanks to shoden)
- fixed: minor bug fixes
- removed: unused .php translation files

v 1.3
- new translations: italian, greek (thanks to maxxer and C-Makridis)
- minor bug fixes

v 1.2
- fixed: sharing problems
- added: translation de_DE (Deutsch förmlich)

v 1.1
- Added multiple layers like Esri Sattelite or topographic
- Added average speed in overview

LicenseCreative Commons by-nc
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 by Nutzmdm on: Jan 19 2016
Score 50%

I try the new method and she does not work... Furthermore, the commands to update db ans js are:

./occ maintenance:mimetype:update-js
./occ maintenance:mimetype:update-db

But, if I put "gpx": ["application/gpx"] in resources/config/mimetypealiases.dist.json it works :)

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 works with gxp pod?

 by kolumbus120 on: Jan 31 2016
Score 50%

Hi. does it work swith gpx pod installed? I added it into mimetipe list and did php occ files:scan --all and it does not work.

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 owncloud 9.x

 by rouffy on: May 11 2016
Score 50%

Is this App working with owncloud 9?
Would like to upgrad my owncloud in the next few weeks and this app is important to me.

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 Re: owncloud 9.x

 by joephein on: May 27 2016
Score 50%

Has anybody tried if it works well in owncloud 9.x ?

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 its working with Nextcloud 10.0

 by kasch1 on: Oct 30 2016
Score 50%

Hello, good News

on my Nextcloud 10.0 Server the " Extended GPX Viewer 1.6" is working fine!

login in your server as root ...

1.) add mimetype
edit the ...resources/config/mimetypemapping.dist.json
add the line : "gpx": ["application/gpx"],

2.) then running
/var/www/nextcloud# sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all

output (or sameless)
| Folders | Files | Elapsed time |
| 44 | 128 | 00:00:05 |

3.) download the gpxviewer zip

cd /var/www/nextcloud/apps/



4.) rename and change owner

mv files_gpxviewer_extended-master files_gpxviewer_extended

chown -R www-data:www-data files_gpxviewer_extended



5.) login in your nextcloud webfrontend as admin and activate "Extended GPX Viewer" (see Experimentell apps)

6.) logout as admin, login as user and click on a xxxxx.gpx File.

regards kasper

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 ownCloud 9.0.7 is working

 by kasch1 on: Jan 3 2017
Score 50%


i have installed Extended GPX Viewer 1.6 on ownCloud 9.0.7, Its working fine!

Same installation (Thread "NextCloud 10" )

Do you want tilt the "min-version" Message from ownCloud Admin (Apps) edit the File:

Add the lines:
<owncloud min-version="9.0" max-version="9.0" />

and save the xml

regards Kasch

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