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ownCloud Productivity

Score 82%

Issue Tracker:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 9.1
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.2
Downloads:  50588
Submitted:  Mar 27 2014
Updated:  Dec 14 2016


This is the task app for ownCloud.

It features the possibility to sort tasks to projects (implemented as CalDAV calendars) and the tasks are also synced via CalDAV to appropriate clients. It uses the CalDAV server built into owncloud core.

The app is also hosted on GitHub:

This app requires oC9.0. For older owncloud versions, please install the appropriate version listed below.

planned features:
- add files to tasks
- collaboration between different users (lists can already be shared in the calendar app)
- notifications for reminders, due and start date


- Compatibility: Compatible with Nextcloud 11
- Feature: Allow all-day tasks @korelstar
- Feature: Open detail view after a new task is created @korelstar
- Feature: Add a confirmation dialog before deleting a calendar
- Feature: Allow to hide completed subtasks
- Bugfix: Fix ordering of tasks @korelstar
- Bugfix: Fix creation of important, due and current tasks

- Enable changing color of calendars
- Show CalDAV-Url
- Download calendars as ics files
- Style improvements
- Fix favicon
- Update last-modified and dtstamp property on task edit

- add a valid certificate for app signing
- fix calendar color with alpha value
- fix loading of completed tasks
- small style fixes

- don't break global owncloud search
- small style improvements

- Nearly complete rewrite for oC9 support
- Tasks is now a CalDAV client and uses the CalDAV server built into oC core
- It is a Standalone app now!
- Reminder, Comments and Search is not yet implemented, this will come with the next releases
- parse links in title, notes and comments
- temporally show subtasks when parent task is opened

- increase compatible version for oC8.2

- implement support for subtasks (click on the plus icon to add a subtask or drag and drop a task)
- reworked drag and drop support (change lists and make tasks a subtask)
- faster app loading
- custom favicon
- improved backend code
- several style improvements and fixes
- fixed search

- fix update script

- requires oC8.1
- supports categories
- supports finer priorities
- adapts to owncloud look
- fixes problems with escaping of commata and semicolons

- works with oC8
- implement global oc search box
- fix problems with other task clients ("Mirakel" and "eM Client")
- fix problems with reminder
- fix problems with comments in the TaskSync Android App

ownCloud 9.1
ownCloud 8.0
ownCloud 7.0
ownCloud 8.1
ownCloud 8.2
ownCloud 9.0
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 Error 400

 by pandka on: Oct 14 2016
Score 50%

Client error response [url] [status code] 400 [reason phrase] Bad Request

I couldn't install it. How to resolve? I've got hosting with free Installatron. I dont know what I can change, but I think it's problem here to response on question to install.

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 Re: Error 400

 by realphil on: May 18 2017
Score 50%

Same issue

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 by AlterDepp on: Dec 30 2016
Score 50%

What are categories for? I did not find a way to sort or filter tasks by category.

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 Sharing required!

 by benjamin10 on: Feb 24 2017
Score 50%

Very cool and good looking app! But sharing is important! Especially for collaboration...

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 Version for OC10

 by ocuser101 on: Apr 30 2017
Score 50%

Hi there! Will there be an update for Owncloud 10?

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 Re: Version for OC10

 by MaRies on: May 5 2017
Score 63%

I just activated this version in my owncloud 10 by unpacking the zip-file in the folder as explained, editing the 'info.xml'-file in the 'appinfo' folder to have a 'max-version' with a number above 10.1 .
Then login as admin, go to settings->apps, 'show disabled' and activate it. No bugs so far...
Good luck!

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 Re: Re: Version for OC10

 by adlerweb on: May 5 2017
Score 63%

Confirmed - did the same thing just minutes before you posted. WebUI works fine. Couldn't get it to sync, but since also calendar is unreliable and DAV a known problem i would think the fault is more likely in core.

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 Re: Re: Version for OC10

 by ocuser101 on: May 5 2017
Score 50%

Cool, thanks bro! I was wondering if something like that is possible. I just did it and it works like a charm! Syncing included...

Cheers & thanks again!

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 OC 10 Warnings

 by dlandon on: May 31 2017
Score 50%

I got the app to work by changing the allowed max version, but there is a problem with the signature.

- tasks
- OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\InvalidSignatureException
- Signature could not get verified.

Would appreciate you fixing this issue.

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 Link out

 by Kaellan on: Jul 3 2017
Score 50%

The link for the version 9.1 is dead. I cannot install it from owncloud too for the same reason..

What can i do ?
Best regards..

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