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ownCloud Tool

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Submitted:  Mar 5 2014
Updated:  Mar 21 2014


Joomla Authentication Backend
The Joomla Authentication Backend is a user authentication against a Joomla user database. To define which Joomla user can login into the owncloud you need to create on the Joomla side a user group and assign the user to this group. On the ownCloud side the user group needs to be defined in the Joomla Authentication Backend configuration.

  • authentication with Joomla username and password

  • Use Joomla usernames for ownCloud login names

  • Update ownCloud display names using Joomla names

  • Update ownCloud emails using Joomla emails

  • Access control by Joomla group

  • Has been tested with Joomla 2.5

  • Changelog:

    Version 0.5.1
  • Bugfix release

  • Version 0.5
  • Has been tested with Joomla 2.5

  • LicenseAGPL
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     Some progress...

     by Hammerhead on: Sep 26 2014
    Score 50%

    I finally got the app to show the login parameter form in Admin by changing the folder name as suggested above, but unfortunately the app does not seem to pick up user data from Joomla v.3 as yet, so there's no synchronization of users at this time. Hoping there's a new iteration of this app forthcoming.

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     phpass supprt required

     by markjansennl on: Oct 12 2014
    Score 50%

    This would be a great extension... however, Joomla uses phpass ever since version 2.5.x (don't remeber the x anymore).

    I've taken a look in the source code and I've seen that your code still is based on the previous md5 hashing.

    Your updated code should contain something like this (though I havn't figured out your code to know where to put this):


    include 'phpass-0.3/PasswordHash.php';
    $phpass = new PasswordHash(10, true);
    if($phpass->CheckPassword($entered_pwd, $db_password)){ echo "correct;}
    else { echo "incorrect";}

    Perhaps this is of any help in updating the code?

    Many thanks for any new version.

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     almost there

     by markjansennl on: Oct 18 2014
    Score 50%

    I think I became close too making this plug-in fit for Joomla 2.5x and above, however.... not entirely.

    In the file 'user_joomla_auth.php' I changed to following lines:

    $hashparts = explode (':' , $row->password);
    $userhash = md5($password.$hashparts[1]);

    to this:


    $phpass_joomla = new PasswordHash(10, true);
    if($phpass_joomla->CheckPassword($password, $row->password))

    This seems to work in the sense that my Joomla 2.5x user gets:
    - anything but an error message when entering the Joomla password (which is a sign of recognizing the password);
    - a redirect URL in the URL after the log-in screen;
    - created in the ownCloud user table (though not in the ownCloud user interface);
    - gets inserted in the ownCloud group table for Joomla users (though not visible in the user interface);

    However, what it doesn't get is:
    - logged in to the system :-(
    - visible in the back-end as a new user;

    The back-end contains the following error:

    Debug webdav Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotAuthenticated: No basic authentication headers were found

    So apparently, something goes wrong in actually creating the user and/or in logging in the user.

    The thing is, I'm no expert on ownCloud code. Perhaps anyone here can be of assistence to see what's the final step in this puzzle?

    Many thanks!

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     Re: almost there

     by iak on: Oct 31 2014
    Score 50%

    Solved this.

    Change the hook to be pre_login insted of post_login

    This needs to be changed in /lib/hooks.php and in /appinfo/app.php

    Now the login works.

    Had also problem with Swedish chracters ÅÄÖ in display name until I added mysql_set_charset('utf8'); before the last return in the function getDbResource()

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     other extension for Joomla

     by markjansennl on: Oct 21 2014
    Score 50%

    I was able to get Joomla authentication up and running via another extension:

    See my comments on that page

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