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Large File Upload


ownCloud Tool

Score 63%
Minimum required   ownCloud 7
Maximum required   ownCloud 7
Downloads:  5490
Submitted:  Jun 22 2013
Updated:  Nov 28 2014


Provides functions to upload large files (tested with files > 100MB) with your HTML5-Browser.


Version 1.3:

- remove dependencies for AppFramework (also the old files)
- some quick fixes on css (not everything is done by now)

Version 1.2:

- remove dependencies for AppFramework
- new Icon (THANKS TO Ingo Heinicke)

Version 1.1:

- added support for translation (german and english)
- language depands on browser-settings
- fallback to english if language is not supported
- added desktop notifications if uploads are done

how to update (location: owncloud-root/apps/largefileupload/):
- replace js/html5fileupload.js
- add lang/de-DE.xml
- add lang/en-EN.xml

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 by psx on: May 15 2015
Score 50%

Maybe you can include which has also the capability to upload folders, pause and resume single/all files.

Its a shame, that such an large file handling isn't default in Owncloud..

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 API problem

 by skyynet on: Jun 9 2015
Score 50%

The problem is not in the upload process itself which worked reliable up to oc7 but in the somehow changed api which causes LargeFileUpload to fail since oc8.

I agree that it's a shame that this upload possibility is not included by default. My hoster limits the time a php script may be executed which limits the size of uploaded files according to the upload speed.

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 by pumplerod on: Jun 12 2015
Score 50%

I am new to owncloud, I've installed the largefileupload app and enabled it, however I don't see how to actually use it. When I try and upload a file over 100MB I get an "internal server error"

I've made adjustments to the ini settings which should allow for up to 16GB so I'm not sure what step to take next.

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 Re: Usage?

 by pumplerod on: Jun 13 2015
Score 50%

I see there is a "largefileupload" option in the main menu now. However it asks to add files to "the box below" and the hit "upload". Nothing else is on the page. Is this not compatible with 8.0.3?

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 Re: Re: Usage?

 by psx on: Dec 11 2015
Score 50%

Try this: I have modified this gread idea some moths ago, but I don't have much time to optimize it, so its early alpha stage.

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