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ownCloud Tool

Score 67%

Minimum required   ownCloud 4.5
Downloads:  5333
Submitted:  Dec 2 2012
Updated:  Mar 12 2013


Notes is a simple app which you can use to save your notes, shopping lists, links, howtos and much more in your OwnCloud.
You can sort your notes with categories. Formatting is possible with the MarkDown language.
Notes works with plain text files which are stored in your OwnCloud files under Notes.
This way you can sync them easily with any other device capable of syncing with OwnCloud.
Support for other devices/applications:
If you use Linux, Android or Meego/NemoMobile/Sailfish, you can use one of their notes app to sync with this OwnCloud app:
  • Linux:

  • Meego/NemoMobile/Sailfish:

  • Android:

  • ...

  • Note:
    This notes app requires OwnCloud 4.5. It does not run yet properly on OwnCloud 5.0!
    There is a new Notes APp work in progress under You can downlad and install it manually.


    0.5.5 (09.03.2013)
    - Fixed security issues
    0.5.4 (25.01.2013)
    - Moved translations to Transifex service
    - Various changes
    - Updated version control to use new API (OwnCloud 5)

    0.5.3 (10.01.2013):
    - Updated Italian and added Hungarian translation

    0.5.2 (03.01.2013):
    - Fixed issue on iPad
    - Added French and Italian translation
    - Moved delete button into preview window
    - Removed empty left column

    0.5.1 (20.12.2012):
    - Bug fixes
    - Check for invalid titles
    - Added language support (feel free to translate it and send me the file)
    - Splitted into Preview and Edit mode
    - Preview shows MarkDown correctly
    - Extended Help

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     ownCloud 6

     by raydiation on: Sep 5 2013
    Score 50%

    Btw the notes app which is compatible with ownCloud 6 is located here:

    The installation from the appstore fails though because of a bug in the app installer. You have to extract it into your apps/ directory manually.

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     Blank page

     by miskit on: Aug 28 2014
    Score 50%
    Peter Schrock 0

    United States of America, Lynnwood
    Last visit Aug 28 2014
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    I've managed to get my server to recognize that the app is installed. However, when I go to open the app, I get a blank page. Did I forget to install or set up something?

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     Works well on ownCloud 8

     by rakekniven on: Feb 11 2015
    Score 50%

    Just installed it and it works pretty well.
    Just tried iOS news app and it works as well. Thumbs up

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     Re: Works well on ownCloud 8

     by rakekniven on: Feb 11 2015
    Score 50%

    Wrong app selected :-(
    Should be the "news" app.

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     Does not work on OC8

     by netrin on: Feb 27 2015
    Score 50%

    It just returns me to the Files page. This is also true of the Tasks and Journal apps. Apparently they are not compatible with OC8 yet either.

    I hope my favorite Notes app will become compatible!

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     Re: Does not work on OC8

     by leichtgemerkt on: 2 days ago
    Score 50%

    If Tasks are still not running: I posted some hotfix there

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