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ownCloud Tool

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Minimum required   ownCloud 5
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.1
Downloads:  3470
Submitted:  Nov 27 2012
Updated:  Jan 11 2017


We recently switched to SAML-based authentication, thus development has stopped! v2.3 is the last official release.

Authenticate against an arbitrary SQL database. The backend also provides retrieval of all users, so that you can share files as well.

It is heavily based on user_imap, user_ldap, user_pwauth and user_redmine. After installation, simply enable the app in your admin account and configure the database details.

Currently, it supports md5, md5crypt, cleartext, system, mysql password, Joomla MD5, Joomla phpass, Redmine and mysql_encrypt encryption types, based on the PostfixAdmin functions.

It was developed to authenticate against a postfixadmin/vimbadmin database configured with System (Crypt).

Recently, compatibility with ownCloud 8.1 was added.

Please use the bug tracker at when reporting bugs and issues. Click on "Tasks" on the left hand side and then on "Create Task..." in the upper right corner.


v2.3 A few bug fixes and update for ownCloud 9.1
v2.2 Update for ownCloud 9.0
v2.1 Add support for getHome() to have users in different data directories
v2.0 Add auto-completion for columns and table, support verification of database settings. Switch to OC DBAL.
v1.99 Add Multi-Host support and ownCloud 8.1 compatibility
v1.5 Add possibility to synchronise E-Mail addresses (disabled by default)
v1.4 Add possibility to invert active logic
v1.3 Add support for Redmine
v1.2 Comopatibility with ownCloud 8
v1.1 Add support for SSHA256 hashes
v1.0 Add support for Joomla 2.5.18+ encryption, bugfix
v0.9.2 - Add Domain Mapping options
v0.9.1 - New Admin interface, branch merge and bugfix (caching, checkbox saving)
v0.9.0 - Add support for DisplayNames (in oc5 branch)
v0.8.0 - Add Joomla encryption type as well as improvements on cache handling
v0.7.1 - Fixed possible CSRF vulnerability
v0.7 - Added support for mySQL PASSWORD() encryption as per request. Currently UNTESTED.
v0.6 - Fixed some SQL injection problems
v0.5 - Add more encryption types based on PostfixAdmin
v0.4 - Enable password change, configurable possibility to add/strip domains from usernames (postfixadmin stores usernames as complete email address including domain)
v0.3 - Use separate column to specify active users, enable
v0.2 - Ported to PDO (based on user_redmine) and thus now also supports PostgreSQL
v0.1 - Initial Version against OC 4.5.2

ownCloud 9.1
ownCloud 9.0
ownCloud 8.2
ownCloud 8.1
ownCloud 8.0
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 Using Wordpress SQL db as user backend

 by ingowertenbruch on: Dec 22 2016
Score 50%


Is it possible to get this running with Nextcloud against a Wordpress SQL database? I donwloaded the source from the nextcloud-apps website and managed to get a connection to the database. The users are synchronized to nextcloud; nevertheless the user authentication fails. Maybe the correct encryption type of the pw-field is missing, I don't know. I tried all available options without success.
Did anyone get this running ?

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 Re: Using Wordpress SQL db as user backend

 by andyboeh on: Dec 31 2016
Score 50%

Wordpress seems to use phpass (=Joomla 2.5.18 phpass), but uses 8 rounds instead of 10. You could try changing the line

$hasher = new \PasswordHash(10, true);


$hasher = new \PasswordHash(8, true);

and trying it again with the Joomla 2.5.18 phpass type. If that works, drop me a line so that I can add support for it in user_sql.

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 Re: Re: Using Wordpress SQL db as user backend

 by ingowertenbruch on: Jan 2 2017
Score 50%

Many thanks, I just tried it out, but unfortunately it doesn't work.
Just to be sure: I changed the line in the "user_sql.php" to:

if($this -> settings['set_crypt_type'] === 'joomla2')
$hasher = new \PasswordHash(8, true);
$ret = $hasher -> CheckPassword($password, $db_pass);

Further I have set the Encryption Type to "Joomla > 2.5.18 phpass"

The logfile doesn't help me that much, I see a couple of entries like:

{"reqId":"cgBTe570Gedz+ueiYfI1","remoteAddr":"*.*.*.*","app":"OC_USER_SQL","message":"userExists() for UID: ingo.wertenbruch cacheVal: ","level":0,"time":"2017-01-02T08:58:46+00:00","method":"GET","url":"\/nextcloud\/index.php\/apps\/theming\/loginbackground?v=10","user":"ingo.wertenbruch"}

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 Re: Re: Re: Using Wordpress SQL db as user backend

 by andyboeh on: Jan 3 2017
Score 50%

I just installed WordPress 4.7 and it works just fine with the Joomla phpass crypt type even without changing a single line of code!

I suspect your configuration to be broken.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Using Wordpress SQL db as user bac

 by ingowertenbruch on: Jan 11 2017
Score 50%

Hi, and sorry for my late answer.

I now can confirm that it works like a charm with the encryption type "Joomla > 2.5.18 phpass".

The only thing I currently don't fully understand is the way the mail attribute is synced.
The setting is "SQL always wins" and I can see a synced mail attribute on ca. 50% of the users.
Is this a background task ?
A far as I can tell the attribut is synced when a user logs in.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Using Wordpress SQL db as user

 by ingowertenbruch on: Jan 11 2017
Score 50%

Okay, forget about the email-sync problem. It works, it's just a matter of time.

Thumbs up !

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 Nextcloud 11

 by ingowertenbruch on: Jan 16 2017
Score 50%

Is it planned to offer a version for Nextcloud 11 ?

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 Re: Nextcloud 11

 by andyboeh on: Jan 16 2017
Score 50%

We recently switched to SAML-based authentication, thus development has stopped! v2.3 is the last official release.

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 Re: Re: Nextcloud 11

 by dpauso on: Jan 20 2017
Score 50%

bad news for all of us (thats why i'm still OC and not NC user)

maybe someone can continue your job ;-)

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 Owncloud X

 by maciejstromich on: May 3 2017
Score 63%


there are some changes to how \OC\DB\ConnectionFactory works in the new version of OwnCloud.

to fix that one needs to edit helper.php on line 228 and replace $cm with:

$cm = new \OC\DB\ConnectionFactory(\OC::$server->getSystemConfig());

and replace max-version='9' in appinfo/info.xml with max-version='10'

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