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ownCloud Productivity

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Minimum required   ownCloud 8.1
Maximum required   ownCloud 8.1
Downloads:  50284
Submitted:  Jun 8 2012
Updated:  Jul 10 2015


Embedd roundcube interface in owncloud:

Please refer to the the documentation regarding installing and updating the application. If there are any issues feel free top an issue on github for this.

Checkout the install instructions

  • OwnCloud 6+ (tested with 6.0 -

  • Mailserver with IMAP-Support

  • Roundcube Webmailclient (tested with roundcubemail-0.7.x/0.8.x/0.9.x/1.0.x/1.1.x)

  • MySQL (Currently issues with Postgres)

  • See for tested configuration.


    Due to the massive testing effort and the problem of nearly no donations I'm going
    to stop the further development. If anyone wants to step in, feel free



    If you like to HELP vote for the app and for SUPPORT the development of the app, make a donation:


  • Without any support it's hard to support the FURTHER development, as testing with different configurations costs time and money.


    Any donation is welcome :)


  • fix OC8.1 issues

  • v2.6.0
  • fix login issues

  • fix issues with private keys

  • improved OC8 admin settings

  • use cURL instead of fopen

  • allow usage of self-signed certificates

  • v2.5.4.268
  • fix issues with OC8

  • also using OC8 app icons

  • -new admin settings UI

  • v2.5.3.248
  • fix issues with RoundCube 1.1

  • v2.5.2.187
  • -logging bugfixing

  • v2.5.2.162
  • login bugfixing

  • v2.5.1.123
  • improved usability

  • better OC7 style usage

  • code cleanup

  • fix auto and manual login issues

  • add possibility to restore oc session after browser closing, when "remember me" is enabled in OwnCloud

  • v2.5.0
  • OC7 support

  • code refactoring and cleaning up

  • several bugfixes regarding login

  • v2.4.1
  • several bugfixes

  • v2.4.0
  • code cleanup

  • fix refresh error

  • v2.0.1
  • fix FF and MSIE errors

  • disable user login data in personal settings if autologin is activated

  • v2.0.0
  • major rewrite

  • improved encryption of user/password data with OC private key mechanism

  • fixed layout issues

  • added possibility to change roundcube server port

  • LicenseAGPL
    ownCloud 8.1
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     Autologin does not work with LDAP auth.

     by joxny on: Apr 24 2015
    Score 50%

    It has a problem with autologin when I am using a LDAP for authentification. I think that there is a only problem with UUID mapping when I use the LDAP auth. Or am I wrong?

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     Re: Autologin does not work with LDAP auth.

     by mreinhardt on: Apr 25 2015
    Score 50%

    there's no UUID mapping, either you use the same userid for roundcube and owncloud to use AutoLogin or every user has to enter his logindata with disabled autologin

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     by mreinhardt on: Apr 25 2015
    Score 50%

    please DON'T RAISE ISSUES HERE . its hard to find within the comments. SO PLEASE RAISE PROBLEMS AS ISSUE ON GITHUB :

    And please keep in mind:
    First search if the problem is already known

    If not create a new issue

    Add details about your environment (server version, user browser, used own cloud version, used roundcube version)

    provide error logs or error messages

    Details like it doesn't work without any details won't help to fix problems


    The app is just a hobby for me. I don't get any money for this (as many people don't donate anything). So it maybe take long time to release new version, because I only have a few hours for this hobby each month

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     by darkretailer on: Apr 29 2015
    Score 50%

    It works again!
    Thanks for the Update!

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