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ownNote - Notes Application


ownCloud Tool

Score 87%
ownNote - Notes Application

ownNote - Notes Application

ownNote - Notes Application

Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 7
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.2
Downloads:  23526
Submitted:  Jan 7 2015
Updated:  May 10 2016


A full Evernote / OneNote style WYSIWYG notes editor with the following features:

  • Import of Evernote (or other HTML notes)

  • Fast Javascript and AJAX interface using ownCloud's sliding right navigation

  • Note grouping/categorization

  • Saves notes as HTML files in the /Notes folder

  • Multiple font formats, bold, italic, strikethrough, bullets, numbered lists, alignment and indention

  • Automatic link insertion

  • Include resizable images embeded with BASE64

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    Interested in translating? Visit:

    Full source code:

    Report issues:

    Comments below will NOT be read. Please report issues at the above GitHub link. Thank you.

    Please see:

    ownNote for Android in the Google Play store:
    ownNote for iOS: In development

    Take a look at the below apps for other items that may be of interest:
  • Shorten - A URL Shortening and Privacy Tool for ownCloud -

  • Changelog:

  • Fixed admin configuration with folder and database

  • v1.07
  • CORS updates for OC 9.x support in Android app

  • v1.06
  • Updates for OC 9.x support

  • v1.05
  • Final misc. fixes for CSP changes in core

  • v1.04
  • Fixed whitescreen in lower than OC 8.1

  • v1.03
  • Update to fix image support related to changes in ownCloud core CSP

  • v1.02
  • Added AJAX controller to fix appName bug

  • v1.01
  • Fixed the white-screen issue with ownCloud 8.0.5 and beyond

  • Updated languages

  • v1.0
  • Support for translations (Interested in translating? Visit:

  • JSON optimizations

  • Misc. bug fixes

  • v0.0.8
  • Handle slashes in note names

  • Code updates to consolidate and match with ownCloud core standards

  • Support large notes without alterations to MySQL config

  • Import fixes

  • v0.0.7
  • API updates to fix Android note creation bugs

  • Database bug fixes

  • Removal of CSP requirements in config.php

  • Auto-saves notes when left idle

  • v0.0.6
  • Fixed issues with quotes in names and group names

  • Return to previous group after editing

  • v0.0.5
  • Added folder selection (Defaults to "Notes")

  • Added database support with option for folder support (Required for mobile synchronization, defaults to folder and database)

  • Added announcements feature (Only used for big notifications such as the release of a mobile or desktop companion app. Option to disable, and easily dismissed.)

  • Group selection pull-down

  • API updates for mobile support

  • v0.0.4
  • Bugfix for OC8/deleting notes in groups

  • v0.0.3
  • Update to support OC8

  • Includes API for upcoming mobile apps

  • v0.0.2
  • Evernote (and other html note) import included

  • Minor bug fixes

  • v0.0.1
  • Initial release

  • LicenseGPL
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     sharing notes

     by andrkac on: Jul 12 2016
    Score 70%

    is it/will be possible to share notes with another users?
    Notes, or - maybe better whole notes groups.

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     Re: sharing notes

     by andrkac on: Jul 12 2016
    Score 63%

    To be specified - I want to have database of of notes, fully (RW) accessible for me and my wife

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     Has this awesome app died?

     by annunaki2k2 on: Aug 28 2016
    Score 50%

    I'm a little concerned that there has been very little activity surrounding this app recently - and no sign of any update/new features are forthcoming. Is it dead?

    I hope not...

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     by joostvdw on: Oct 23 2016
    Score 50%

    Will it be possible in future to share notes between different users ?

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     iOS App

     by AWRO on: Nov 14 2016
    Score 50%

    Does anyone know when the iOS App will be published?

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     Nextcloud unsupported

     by Huster on: Dec 22 2016
    Score 63%

    Do you plan to support Nextcloud?

    If not: How to migrate data to another App?

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     owncloud 10 vs ownnote

     by luk387 on: May 4 2017
    Score 50%

    hello, when a version for owncloud 10?


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     Re: owncloud 10 vs ownnote

     by MaRies on: May 5 2017
    Score 63%

    I just activated this version in my owncloud 10 by unpacking the zip-file in the folder as explained, editing the 'info.xml'-file in the 'appinfo' folder to have a 'max-version' with a number above 10.1 .
    Then login as admin, go to settings->apps, 'show disabled' and activate it. No bugs so far, but to be safe, set the app to save notes in folder & database so you have a file as backup.
    Good luck!

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     Re: Re: owncloud 10 vs ownnote

     by luk387 on: May 5 2017
    Score 50%

    thanks a lots! work fine!

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