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Storage Usage / Activity Charts


ownCloud Tool

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Storage Usage / Activity Charts

Storage Usage / Activity Charts

Storage Usage / Activity Charts

Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 7
Maximum required   ownCloud 8.1
Downloads:  9327
Submitted:  Aug 30 2014
Updated:  Jun 2 2015


ocUsageCharts is created due to the fact that the original usage_charts is no longer updated to work properly with owncloud 7.
This application is from the base up designed for Owncloud 7.
ocUsageCharts gives the ability to display various statistics about your users within owncloud.
These statistics include storage usage charts and activities charts.

Next Release:
- Redesign dashboard to withhold 1/~5/~10/~100 users

- User mode:
- A pie chart showing space used / free space
- A graph with data used over the course of the last month
- A Bar chart with average data used in the last months
- An Activity chart over the last month
- An Activity chart with activities over the last months
- Admin mode:
- A pie chart showing space used by all users
- A graph with data used over the course of the last month for all users
- A Bar chart with average data used in the last months for all users
- An Activity chart over the last month for all users
- An Activity chart with activities over the last months for all users

Future ideas
- Improve User Interface to handle a lot of users
- Graphs:
- Files downloaded
- Option to use alternative for C3.js

- Cronjobs must run every day!
- For activity charts, the activity app needs to be enabled
- Owncloud 7.0.1 ( untested with versions before 7.0.1 )

- Download all files to owncloud/apps/ocusagecharts directory
- Login as admin on owncloud
- Press Apps in the menu
- Open app Charts
- Enable app Charts
- App is installed, check menu for Charts

- The charts won't populate for some users?
By default a user had to been logged in and open the charts app to be tracked.
You could add all users to your charts by running the following command on your server
./occ ocusagecharts:createdefaultcharts
Pay attention, this adds ALL owncloud users to the charts application!
The charts app is not designed for many users! ( will be in the future )

- The charts app won't populate at all
The chart app makes use of the owncloud cron, if that cron doesn't run, the chart will not fill up with data.
You could setup the cron accordingly:
I would suggest using the owncloud "cron" setup.

Product reference
- ocUsagechart official release channel:
- C3.js: -
- usage_charts: - ( a fork from StorageCharts/ocStorage )

Issues maybe filed here:
Or below in the comments section


-, bug with database tables, using prefix instead of hardcoded oc_

- Hungarian language

-, When a user did not login, the charts will not update.
A cron has been added to fill up the chartconfig with system users. It has been fixed this way, because this should be chosen behavior.
The cron is: ./occ ocusagecharts:createdefaultcharts

- Fixed: Undefined index: DATE at apps/ocusagecharts/lib/entity/activity/collections/activitydaycollection.php#42
- , database error when not using mysql ( postgresql error )

- Added german translation

- Made compatible with OC8

- Spanish text

- French text
- Fixed displaying full name in charts instead of uid

- Made store versioning consistent with version within info.xml / version. Therefor hopping to version 3.
- Made info.xml and version identical numbers.

- Fixed: installation issue ( issue 41 on github )
- Fixed: Argument 3 passed to OCA\ocUsageCharts\Entity\Storage\StorageUsageRepository::findEntitiesBasedOnOrCreated() must be an instance of DateTime, null given, called in /lib/entity/storage/storageusagerepository.php on line 120....

- Added activity graph: Activities over the last month, and activities per month
- Appending byte size to tooltip values
- Added numeric values above bar's within bar charts
- Technical improvements ( bower for javascript, travis CI implementation, unit tests, code improvements )
- Moved Gigabyte / Megabyte selector to personal page, because it is cluttering the interface

- The same cron job command existed twice, one with capitalized, one without. This gives problems on windows machines.
- Fix error:
"Argument 1 passed to OCA\ocUsageCharts\Service\ChartService::getUsage() must be an instance of OCA\ocUsageCharts\ChartType\ChartTypeViewInterface........."

- Initial release


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 oc 6 support?

 by PICCORO on: Aug 11 2015
Score 50%

oc 6 support!

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 Re: oc 6 support?

 by arnovr on: Aug 13 2015
Score 50%

I am sorry, but i am not supporting a really outdated owncloud 6 version.

However, there is an alternative:

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 Re: Re: oc 6 support?

 by PICCORO on: Aug 13 2015
Score 50%

u cannot talk about outdate due u'r app are not official, and the alternative that suggested are a little fake around the real oc_storagecharts

why u do not support the excelent co 6 version..

from what version u drop compatibility with oc 6?

which file must i touch to made the compatibility

many servers on production only have php 5.3 and not 5.4 and due that updgrade to oc 7/oc 8 are not possible,

remenber "if are working do not touch it", that's why i ask for oc 6 compatibility

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 Re: Re: Re: oc 6 support?

 by arnovr on: Aug 14 2015
Score 50%

Why can't i talk about outdated because it is not "official"? I know releases are still done, however i chose not to support OC6.

The reason i do not support OC6 is because I had OC6 and used the alternative i supplied to you.
When i upgraded my personal owncloud to OC7, that app broke. Therefor i created this app, and didn't feel like supporting OC6.
This app was never tested for OC6, because the alternative app worked fine.

I will not make it backwards compatible for PHP5.3, PHP5.3 was supported till 14 august 2014. And PHP5.4 was released at 1 march 2012, enough time to upgrade?!
I would urge your hosting provider to upgrade to a newer PHP version! Or maybe change hosting provider

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 Re: Re: Re: oc 6 support?

 by PICCORO on: Aug 14 2015
Score 50%

do u not know that "if not broken so do not touch"? well this aapp will only for oc7+

a lamborgini will run more faster rather than a jeep cj7 but will also got a lof of huge cost!

updates its not the only way of stability!

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 command doesn't work

 by coleman984 on: Mar 9 2016
Score 50%

i ran sudo occ ocusagecharts:createdefaultcharts

from my owncloud folder and now all my users only see chart data for the one account instead of all accounts.

Account 1 sees account 1 chart data.
account 2 sees account 1 chart data.

Before running that command 1 saw 1 and 2 saw 2. How can I reverse the changes? I tried removing / re-adding the app and it didn't work. running owncloud 8.1.1

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 It works in Owncloud?

 by lexusmania on: Nov 7 2016
Score 50%


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 Re: It works in Owncloud?

 by lexusmania on: Nov 7 2016
Score 50%

In Owncloud 9, sorry

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 the app is not beign installed

 by pabloLimo on: Nov 30 2016
Score 50%

Hi, I have downloaded and unzipped the contents in /var/www/owncloud/apps/ocusagecharts then gave it the right permissions (755) but I still don't see the app in the apps menu, may be I'm missing a step. I haven't found anything in the logs so, any ideas?

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