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[OC < 5!] SVG Editor


ownCloud Productivity

Score 58%
[OC < 5!] SVG Editor

[OC < 5!] SVG Editor

[OC < 5!] SVG Editor

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Minimum required   ownCloud 4
Maximum required   ownCloud 4.5
Downloads:  3369
Submitted:  Mar 25 2012
Updated:  May 7 2013


Open, manipulate and create SVG files inside ownCloud. Export to PNG or PDF supported.

Work in progress: Version 1.0 will probably get collaborative drawing for different backends (e.g. a remote etherpad lite setup)!


(please see RELEASE file)

2012/06/25 - beta8/0.2
Note: 1.0 with many new features will be released shortly after ownCloud 5!
* fixed compatibility issues

2012/05/26 - beta7/0.2
* full compatibility for ownCloud 4.0 (still downwards compatible!)

2012/05/10 - beta6/0.2
* important security fix
* print button
* workaround for magic_quotes_gpc

2012/04/19 - beta5/0.2
* using a better maintained fork of jsPDF by willowsystems
* changing possibly irritating error messages on saving
* bug fixes:
* font size correctly set on PDF export
* always asking to overwrite existing file

2012/04/16 - beta4/0.2
* bug fixes:
* use native confirm dialog if OCdialogs is not available
* fixed asynchronous svg saving bug

2012/04/15 - beta3/0.2
* PDF export (using jsPDF)
* PNG export working better (because of the canvas preview)
* complete new saving dialog, integrates export
* create new image from file manager
* bug fixes:
* no saving error if mtime=0
* close button working

2012/04/04 - beta2/0.2
* PNG export (depending on browser's canvas capabilities)
* got rid of quit confirmation dialog when nothing has changed
* major bug fixes

2012/03/30 - beta1/0.2
Changing everything by using svgedit 2.6 (trunk version)
Release notes:
* using svgedit 2.6:
* many new features
* works in WebKit
* gradients working
* svg-edit dropdowns working
* using ownCloud control bar:
* saving works
* open preferences dialouge

2012/03/25 - alpha (internal version 0.1)
This is the first release with most things working!
Release notes:
* open svg file
* save svg file in editor
* save under different names
* most of svg-edit features working

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 by hoboscience on: Apr 30 2013
Score 50%

Any luck with this app and OwnCloud 5? I can't wait to get my hands on it! Thanks

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 Re: OC5

 by hoboscience on: May 7 2013
Score 50%

Its taking Owncloud forever to approve apps for some reason. Could you upload your files on the sourceforge page? Thanks Again for updating!

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 Having some difficulty getting this installed

 by hoboscience on: May 8 2013
Score 50%

I install the folder "files_svgedit" within the apps folder and the app is enabled without problems but when I click on any svg file it wants to download the file like normal and not open the svg editor.

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 problem svg-edit on owncloud 6.0

 by thazze on: Feb 20 2014
Score 50%

Hi i ve install svg-edit on owncloud.
i upload files in files_svgedit then i activate the app (3thd part appli appear) when i came back to file manager i can't edit ANY file like ODT with document for example or html ckeditor. All this work before activate svgedit. When i des activate svg edit all these work again.... Could somebody help me?
Thanks a lot

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