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Mozilla Sync

Mozilla Sync

Mozilla Sync

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Minimum required   ownCloud 6
Downloads:  23474
Submitted:  Nov 14 2013
Updated:  Feb 11 2014


Mozilla Sync is a simple ownCloud app integrating the Mozilla Sync API in an ownCloud server. It allows users to synchronize Firefox data (e.g. bookmarks, passwords, history,...) using their ownCloud server. This app is a fork of mjaskurzynski's mozilla_sync app, which was not developed anymore.

Please look at the and inside the docs/ folder for setup instructions, hints and configuration options.

Please use the GitHub issue tracker to report problems instead of the comment section here.


v1.4: 2014-02-11
* IMPORTANT: Incompatible with ownCloud 6.0.0! ownCloud 5.x and ownCloud 6.0.1 work fine.
* Added compatibility for iOS Foxbrowser app
* Added new interface and backend to store Sync email independently of ownCloud's recovery email
* Use correct precision, scale decimal type for database
* More robust URL parsing
* More lightweight HTML layout
* Less but better debug output on errors
* Improved README

v1.3.1: 2013-12-21
* Database sortindex column fix
* Fix last sync date on personal page
* Updated translations

v1.3: 2013-12-17
* LDAP authentication works now
* Show same usage/quota as Firefox browser
* Feedback for changes in admin panel
* Show installed app version in admin panel
* DB backend updates and fixes
* Updated Readme

v1.2.4: 2013-12-14
* Workaround for ownCloud database bug
* Better debug output for invalid storage requests
* Updated translations

v1.2.3: 2013-12-13
* Fix not null contraint in database
* Updated translations

v1.2.2: 2013-12-09
* Fix quota bug in ownCloud 6
* Change settings and admin page for ownCloud 6

v1.2.1: 2013-12-08
* Fix quota display in admin panel
* Improved error logging
* Updated translations

v1.2: 2013-12-05
* Restrict to group feature added to Admin Page
* Quota feature added to Admin Page
* Sync status added to Personal Page
* Delete server storage added to Personal Page
* Extended README, added manuals and documentation
* Add debug output to ownCloud log
* Remove PHP warnings from ownCloud log
* Check for duplicate email addresses
* Fix SQLite incompatability
* Updated translations

v1.1.1: 2013-11-17
* Added support for LDAP user backend (issue #23)
* Remove not-null constraint from ttl DB column
* Updated README and INSTALL files
* Updated translations

v1.1: 2013-11-14
* Added working support for Firefox on Android
* ownCloud 6.0 compatible
* Added support for quota and size queries
* Added missing output formats
* Omit unnecessary fields in response
* Other bug fixes

v1.0: 2013-03-16
* Initial version developed by Michal Jaskurzynski

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 Please release!

 by godfuture on: Mar 11 2015
Score 50%

I am really looking into the röhre! Since I have migrated from win to linux everything went better. Except that I can not sync my firefox data anymore. Huuurts :( FF36 just wont let my to finish the old sync dialog...Überprüfe...Überprüfe...

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 Re: Please release!

 by DasAoD on: Mar 29 2015
Score 50%

It works fine with FF36

Browse to about:config

Add a new string named
Fill it with your URL looks like http://YOURCLOUDDOMAIN/remote.php/mozilla_sync/

Add a new string named
Fill it with something other than your Username e.g. blablubb

Close FF, start it again and configure your Sync.

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 Re: Re: Please release!

 by c0c0c0 on: Apr 3 2015
Score 50%

DasAoD, that works once. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, My second browser require the pairing dialog, which doesn't appear to work.

It's been quite a while since this plugin was updated. They may just not be able to move at the speed of Mozilla.

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 Re: Re: Please release!

 by patator on: Apr 4 2015
Score 50%

I figured out, it's not necessary to set services.sync.tokenServerURI.

All my Firefox user are syncing just with services.sync.username value.

All you need is to set services.sync.username to configure the sync to mozilla_sync. Or am i wrong.

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 Re: Re: Re: Please release!

 by DasAoD on: Apr 21 2015
Score 50%


After a few failed trys, I changed the string "services.sync.tokenServerURI" to my cloudaddress.

Thats the reason, why I added this String in my post.

It's wonderfull, if it works without changing the tokenServerURI. ^^

Oh. And sorry for my english. I used it a long time ago. My german is better. *thumbs up*

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