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ownCloud Productivity

Score 88%
Steffen Lindner

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Minimum required   ownCloud 8.0
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.1
Downloads:  13883
Submitted:  May 9 2015
Updated:  12 hours ago


An email app for ownCloud (minimum version 8.0 & PHP 5.4). At the moment it is a IMAP client.
If you experience any problems, please let us know in our issue tracker:

Why is this so awesome?
* Integration with other ownCloud apps! Currently Contacts & Files – more to come.
* You can use multiple mail accounts! Personal and company account? No problem.
* Send & receive encrypted emails! Using the great Mailvelope browser extension:
* We’re not reinventing the wheel! Based on the great Horde libraries:

Plans for future releases
* Proper grouping of message threads
* Even better attachment support
* Calendar integration
* Folder management & moving mails

If you want to get involved in development, see the code at and join us on IRC in #owncloud-mail :)

You can also try out the latest nightly builds at

Cheers from Thomas, Jan, Christoph, Steffen and all the great contributors!


### Fixed
- Proper loading of app with most recent Firefox & oC 9.1 / NC 10 #1634 @ChristophWurst

### Added
- Enhanced client-side paging algorithm for IMAP servers without SORT #1486 @ChristophWurst

### Fixed
- Close popover on clicking somewhere else #1521 @tahaalibra
- Fix email length in the database #1518 @tahaalibra
- Fix setup error 'folder is null' #1532 @Gomez

### Fixed
- Sub-folders can not be selected #1505 @ChristophWurst

### Added
- Ability to import ics attachments into the calendar #1473 @ChristophWurst

### Fixed
- Bring back menu toggle button for mobile #1483 @ChristophWurst
- Narrow address collector column width to 255 for compatibility with MySql/InnoDB #1484 @drfuture
- Don't send messages in flowed text format #1482 @ChristophWurst
- Show first folder of an account incase of invalid folder id #1471 @tahaalibra

### Added
- Collapse folders and show only important ones #1445 @ChristophWurst
### Changed
- Show attachments as blocks instead of list #1448 @ChristophWurst
### Fixed
- Fix button and sidebar layout #1476 @skjnldsv
- Invalidate js cache if app version changes #1457 @ChristophWurst
- Fixed newly created account not being shown after successful setup #1459 @ChristophWurst #1462 @ChristophWurst
- Replace old drafts correctly #1464 @ChristophWurst
- JavaScript tests are now excluded from the app archive #1466 @ChristophWurst

- Improved autoconfig #1407 @Scheirle
- Better color generator for accounts #1428 @skjnldsv
- Load next messages automatically when reaching end of the list #499 @ChristophWurst
- Fix bug with address collector (Data too long for column) #1421 @ChristophWurst

- Fix autocompletion (regression) #1394 @ChristophWurst
- Fix show total email count for drafts folder #1396 @tahaalibra
- Logging for SMTP traffic

- Fix js error when adding attachments #1378 @ChristophWurst

- Add console command for account creation #1202 @ChristophWurst
- Drop owncloud 7 support #1267 @ChristophWurst
- Address collector - Addresses of sent mails will be used for auto-completion #1276 @ChristophWurst
- PHP 7 support #1300 @ChristophWurst
- Proper ownCloud 9.0 Support
- Fixed position of reply button
- App is code signed (official)

- Image blocking
- Inline images are directly shown
- Speed up unified inbox
- Better overall frontend performance

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 by mbohensky on: Jul 5 2016
Score 50%


how can i make a mail signature in the mail app ?


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 Re: Signature

 by wurstchristoph on: Jul 7 2016
Score 50%

That is not yet possible, but it will be implemented as part of a GSOC task. See and for more info.

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 by Huster on: Jul 20 2016
Score 50%

Mail does what is promised:

Sending and Receiving E-Mails. Thx

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 Old bug #656 with OC9.1 an Mail 0.5.2

 by aabbcc73 on: Aug 12 2016
Score 50%

Hi, I have a very similar error like here

but with OC 9.1 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 and Mail 0.5.2:

During typing an Email-Adress in the To-Field, I get Adress-Suggestions and approx. 80-100 errors in the live-console, which consist of the two messages:

Undefined index: id at /var/www/owncloud/apps/mail/lib/service/contactsintegration.php#55


Undefined index: FN at /var/www/owncloud/apps/mail/lib/service/contactsintegration.php#56

Everything works in this respect, I was hunting for a different problem and saw this by accident. It is just that typing some letters in an adress field generates 100 lines of errors in the log...

Sorry to post it here etc, but I am not familiar with github. If you can't reproduce the error, I will be more precise with further information.


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 Can't see message body

 by ChainGang on: Aug 19 2016
Score 50%

Not sure if this is actually a bug with the app, or if this is the right place to mention it, so feel free to point me in the right direction. Anyway, I'm proxying my Owncloud connection through an Apache vhost to handle SSL. It works fine for OwnCloud, but I'm not sure if it's a fluke or what. Basically, with the mail app, if I go through the HTTPS proxy, I can't see the body of emails. I can see the headers and send emails just fine, but the bodies never load. If I bypass the proxy and connect directly to OwnCloud, the message bodies line up just fine. The only options I have configured for my vhost are:

SSLEngine on
ProxyPreserveHost on
Header edit Location ^http://(.*)$ https://$1
ProxyPass / http://(docker ip/http port)
ProxyPassReverse / http://(docker ip/http port)

And the SSL cert file arguments.

Any idea why it's just the email bodies that are giving me trouble?


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 Re: Can't see message body

 by ChainGang on: Aug 19 2016
Score 50%

I guess I should note that it works fine with the port 80 proxy doing the same proxypass things, just no https things. I also don't see anything in owncloud.log or the apache log that really stands out.

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 Re: Can't see message body

 by ChainGang on: Aug 20 2016
Score 50%

Update on trying to track it down. I ran the Firefox network monitor to try and get a better look. On the version that works, clicking on a header creates a get request, which returns back with the URL for the body. On the version that works (no https proxy), a subsequent get is made to that URL. On the proxied version, that GET request is never made. However, if I look at the json response and try to go to that URL manually, I do see the message body. So I guess the questions is why that second GET for the message body isn't being made by the browser (tried Firefox and Chrome).

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