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ownCloud Productivity

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Minimum required   ownCloud 5
Maximum required   ownCloud 5
Downloads:  9661
Submitted:  Oct 10 2012
Updated:  Apr 4 2014


Journal/Notes app for ownCloud

- Saves notes/journal entries as VJOURNAL records in the ownCloud Calendar.

- Integrates with ownClouds search backend.

- Sort entries by date/time ascending/descending or summary ascending/descending.

- Filter entries by timerange.

- When switching from text to html the text is parsed as MarkDown and vice-versa.

- Plain text or rich text editing (rich text editing is still buggy and immature).

- Syncs with KDEPIMs Journal part.

- Share Journal entries with other users or groups.

- Completed tasks from the Task app can be automatically added as journal entries.

- Stores entry data as json objects in each element for quick access and to minimize ajax calls.

To install this app you will first have to install the TAL Page Templates for ownCloud from
You will also need to have the shipped Calendar app enabled, and at least one calendar enabled to store your Journal entries in.

NOTE: This version works with both ownCloud 5 and 6.

Please report issues and feature requests at



- Share dropdown wasn't shown correctly.
- Editing a shared entry moved it to a new calendar.
For now editing shared entries is disabled to avoid data loss, because of
a bug in the calendar app backend.


- Switching from text to html format removed all text (sorry about that...)
- Problem adding more than one entry possibly caused by updated jquery library.
- When switching from text to html the text is now parsed as MarkDown and vice-versa.

- Settings wasn't working.


- Update to work both on ownCloud 5 and 6.
- Fix wrong link to app installer when there were missing dependencies.


- New Icon to match the theme in ownCloud 5. Big thanks to @StefanBruens
- Moved version to appinfo/info.xml to please ownCloud installer.
- Properly escape/unescape SUMMARY and DESCRIPTION.
- Improved switching between edit modes.
- Fix links in journal list


- Delete ORGANIZER if empty or prepend 'MAILTO:' if '@' present.
- Remove PHP 5.4 construct.

- Updated for ownCloud 5 and TAL Page Templates 0.2.
- Fix: Author not being saved.
- Fix: Share entry not removed.
- Fix: Journals didn't show in search.

- Support for native date input fields.
- Improved date handling.
- Improved layout.
- Fix setting description on non-rich text entries.
- Disable actions (download/delete/share/link) while editing.

- Bugfix release. Fixed some namespace errors.

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 Owncloud 7 no compatible

 by fractality on: Dec 29 2014
Score 50%

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare non static OCP\Template::$app as static OCA\TAL\Template::$app in /usr/pbi/owncloud-amd64/www/owncloud/apps/tal/lib/taltemplate.php on line 15

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 Does exactly NOTHING in oc 8.0.3

 by auwehla on: May 5 2015
Score 50%

Can see the icon in the menu. Clicking on it will show the Files - Screen. Nothing else will happen.

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 Re: Does exactly NOTHING in oc 8.0.3

 by bwguffey on: May 18 2015
Score 50%

Same boat here... It has something to do with the templates the author used being incompatible with later OC versions. Hasn't been updated in a while.

I'd sure encourage an update, this is the only app I've found that supports VJOURNAL and if it worked, would make for a total sync solution with Evolution (EVO evidently uses VJOURNAL natively for it's notes/memos).

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 app update

 by wayneward on: Nov 10 2015
Score 50%

any way this can be updated to work with current version looks like what a lot of people would use , very handy.

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