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Minimum required   ownCloud 9.0
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.2
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Submitted:  Jun 10 2017
Updated:  Jun 27 2017


# GpxMotion Owncloud application

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GpxMotion is an Owncloud application to create and display path animations on an interactive map.

To produce an animation, go to GpxMotion main page and load a GPX file already containing ordered tracks/routes.
Then define the animation steps. Then check you are satisfied with the animation preview. Then
save the result to a GPX file (the animation data is saved as JSON in the GPX description field).

To watch an animation, go to the "view" page of GpxMotion and load a GPX file.
If no animation information was set, a default one (all tracks/routes in 10 seconds) is shown.
If no time information is missing in an animation section and the "use real time proportions"
option is checked, the animation time will not change but the animation speed will be proportional to real speed.

In the "view" page, if the file is
publicly shared without password in "Files" app, you can produce a GpxMotion public link to
the current animation with the "Share" button.

This app is tested on ownCloud 10 with Firefox and Chromium.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

If you want to help to translate this app in your language, take the english=>french files in "l10n" directory as examples.

## Demo

* [First demo](
* [Second demo](

## Donation

I develop during my free time. You can make a donation to me on Paypal :
(you dont need a paypal account)

## Installation

Check the [AdminDoc]( for installation details and integration in Files app.

## Alternatives

If you look for alternatives, take a look at :
- [gpxanim]( creates a video file
- [GPX Animator]( creates a video file


## 0.0.3 – 2017-06-22
### Added
- option to make segment times proportional to real time, enable it in default animation
[#2]( @klakla2
- import from gpxedit : support for WMS tile and overlay servers. base and user servers
- add autoplay option in public links, default to 1
[#3]( @klakla2
- put options values in public link, restore them on public page load

### Changed
- removed useless conversion to geojson, now parsing gpx directly as xml

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 what's with other apps?

 by andrkac on: Jun 17 2017
Score 50%

Does it contain GPXPod and GPXEdit features? It should be so great to have such GPX killer machine...

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 Re: what's with other apps?

 by eneiluj2 on: Jun 22 2017
Score 50%

No it does not include GpxPod or GpxEdit.

It is easy to switch from one app to another.

Maybe one day i'll mix those three apps into one to factorize things like personal tile servers.

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 Re: Re: what's with other apps?

 by andrkac on: Jun 23 2017
Score 50%

I've asked for that because I'm trying to shrink down quantity of apps to ease navigation.
From my point of view it will be better - everything maps and gpx related in one place...

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