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ownCloud Tool

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Homepage:  Link
Issue Tracker:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 9.0
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.2
Downloads:  192
Submitted:  Dec 5 2016
Updated:  Jun 27 2017


Moved to :

If you want to help to translate this app in your language, take the english=>french files in l10n directory as examples.

Simple Owncloud/Nextcloud app to load, edit and save GPX file on an interactive map.
You can load/save file from your Owncloud/Nextcloud file storage.
There is a file explorer inside the app interface to select a file to load and a folder to save what is currently on the map.

This is not a perfect GPX editor.

**WARNING** GpxEdit does not load/save any time data, even if you loaded a gpx file which has time information. Keep that in mind if you overwrite a file.
Elevation data is loaded and saved but every new data added by GpxEdit will not have elevation or time data.

Markers are saved as waypoints. Lines (polylines) are saved as tracks with one segment.
It is possible to set a name, description and comment for each marker and line in a popup.
These information are saved in the gpx file.

If you want more powerfull GPX editors, take a look at :
- [Viking]( which is the best IMHO
- [QLandKarteGT](
- [QMapShack](
- [JOSM](

GpxEdit :
- works with server-side encryption.
- works with shared files.
- uses [Leaflet.Draw]( amazing plugin
- uses many other Leaflet plugins like Minimap, Sidebar2, MeasureControl, MousePositionControl
- uses JQuery
- uses [JQuery File Tree]( amazing file tree library

Any feedback will be appreciated.

I develop during my free time. You can make a donation to me on Paypal :
(you don't need a paypal account)


## 0.0.6 – 2017-05-16
### Added
- add script
- new feature : cut a line in two with click on middle marker
[#14]( @klakla2
- add personal overlay server management

### Changed
- bring layer to front on hover
- use CSS grid
- use
- put all base tile servers in a php file

### Fixed
- adapt CSS to Nextcloud 12, still works with Owncloud 9 and Nextcloud 11
- update french translations

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 by a1s2d4 on: Dec 9 2016
Score 50%

this was a missing piece !
thanks ! thanks ! thanks !

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 by DNkRockzzzzZ on: Dec 10 2016
Score 50%


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 by billsen on: Dec 13 2016
Score 50%

I love it :)

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 Re: thx

 by eneiluj2 on: Dec 13 2016
Score 50%

Glad to read this !

I had a few new ideas, next version is coming soon.

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 by a1s2d4 on: Dec 15 2016
Score 50%

tested it. it works fine and is just beautiful !
hope you'll keep updateing it for every new oC version ;)

big thanks again!

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 Re: :)

 by eneiluj2 on: Dec 16 2016
Score 50%

My pleasure !

Let me know if you find any bug or if you have a suggestion.

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 Loss of datas...

 by TheTiPi on: May 23 2017
Score 50%


Very nice app.

Just one issue (if it's one or maybe a normal behavior).
Some time on GPS record, my phone loss satelite signal. So the recorder (GPS Logger Android) draw a strait line when it finds signal again.
So here is the problem : when I add points folowing the right road to fix the line, when I save and open in GpxPod all datas of speed, time, elevation of originals points are gone.
I just have the path used.

Not having the elevation of my added points is normal but the points untouched should remain.
The time and space informations of stating and ending point are not change (so is the distance traveled)

Is this behavior (loss) normal ?
I can share my original and edited .gpx

Thanks in advance

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 Re: Loss of datas...

 by eneiluj2 on: May 23 2017
Score 50%

Hi, thanks for reporting this issue. We can continue this discussion on the issue tracker where i just created one.

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Score 50%

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