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FluXX Compensator (Y)


ownCloud Tool

Score 66%
FluXX Compensator (Y)

FluXX Compensator (Y)

FluXX Compensator (Y)

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Minimum required   ownCloud 5
Maximum required   ownCloud 6
Downloads:  12001
Submitted:  Feb 19 2013
Updated:  Jun 15 2015


This simple app adds a handle each to the header and navigation panels.
That handle allows to slide the panels in and out of view.
This helps to gain valuable space on small displays. The app is kept extremely simple.
No configuration section required, all is integrated right at your finger tip.
Just activate and use, hold and slide the handles to where you want them.

This app is not maintained any more.
The code has to be considered broken, it is not compatible with current OC versions.
This app should NOT be installed or activated.


* Sun Dec 29 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.6
Some compatibility fixes for the final owncloud version 6:
Layout control fixes for some app modes required by changed element layouts.
Additional mode for the 'tasks' app.
* Mon Oct 28 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.5
Compatibility with owncloud version 6
* Wed Sep 11 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.4
Handling rules for the media app (aka 'music') fixing sliding the main content.
* Sun Aug 04 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.3
Fixed layout in contacts app mode by an additional app specific css rule.
* Fri Jul 12 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.2
Prevent scrolling of fluxx handles.
* Sun Jun 16 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.1
A few style fixes to improve optics when used inside MS-IE.
* Thu Jun 13 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.0
Changed strategy for for fluxx handles, ugly but less cross browser problems.
Some style rules defaults now set explicitly to enable transitions in Firefox.
Much enhanced cross browser compatibility, only very few issues in that area left.
* Sun Apr 28 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.4
Include navigation handle in moving of content when header panel is hidden.
Apply intelligent positioning to navigation handle when header is hidden too.
Fixed a few glitches in handle movements under certain conditions.
* Wed Apr 17 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.3
Some optical fixes to the handles position and shadow.
Slide navigations content up too when the header panel is hidden.
* Mon Apr 09 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.2
Fixed handle positioning for non-priviledged user accounts.
* Sat Mar 23 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.1
Corrected handles anchor definition to work correct on more exotic page layouts.
This is required by the 'external' app which embeds a frame as main widgets.
* Tue Feb 19 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.0
Initial release.

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 Compatibility with OC 7?

 by cloudapps on: Sep 25 2014
Score 50%

Since the compatibility listing doesn't mention it, do I have to assume that this won't work from version 7 upwards (e.g. 7.0.2)?

Are there any alternatives?

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 Re: Compatibility with OC 7?

 by arkascha on: Sep 25 2014
Score 50%

As clearly stated in the description above, this app is not usable any more from owncloud version 6 onwards.

Unfortunately this is true for all of "my" apps for owncloud. The reasons for this have been discussed numerous times. But since nothing has changed in the general situation I am unable to maintain these apps.
I do realize that this is a very inconvenient situation. But there is little I can do. Sorry for this.

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