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Files move


ownCloud Tool

Score 80%
Files move

Files move

Files move

Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 8.0
Maximum required   ownCloud 8.1
Downloads:  39239
Submitted:  Apr 19 2012
Updated:  Mar 25 2015


Move dialog integrated in the owncloud-file-manager
You can now also copy files instead of only moving.

At default, only the first two layers of folder are shown. When you want to see deeper folders, type the first folder and then you will see more subfolders.
Alternative you can click on the deepest folder you see and type "/" at the end and you get the next two layers of folders.

The translation is organized according to the rest of owncloud.
When you're looking for other languages, try to find those in the github-repository in the folder "l10n" - you need all files of the same language.


0.1: init
0.21: move more files at once via checkbox
0.3: oc4 support
0.31: oc45 support
0.4: l10n support: en, de
0.4.1: name fix for app-installation interface
0.4.2: de- translation fix
0.4.3: fr-translation by: ecolosites ; gui-design fix
0.4.3b: fr-translation fix
0.5: copy checkbox, default for sharing and readonly files
0.5.1: fix permanent copy when more files are selected, don't show move in public.php, fix for OC4.5.6
0.5.1b: CSRF fix
0.5.2: OC5 fix
0.6.0: GUI-change, only 2 directory-layers were loaded by default
0.6.1: OC6 support
0.6.2: autocompletion is triggered when the input field has the focus
0.6.3: fix for sometimes crashed autocompletion
0.7.0: OC7 support
0.7.1: Fix for multiple files
0.7.2: Fix update frontend for multiple files
0.7.3: initial OC8 support, translation not working, unit tests required
0.7.3a: xml fix in info.xml
0.8.0: translation(via included, licence to AGPL changed
0.8.1: translation fix, multiple move fix
0.8.1a: fix recursive directory bug

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 Move history with files?

 by hopeCloud on: Jun 15 2015
Score 50%

Thanks for the app - it works fine for me on ownCloud 8.0.4.

It seems to do everything it says it should, but is it possible to transfer the history (previous versions) of the file as well as the latest one?

Keep up the good work :)

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 Same Here

 by Joeg1484 on: Jun 18 2015
Score 50%
Joe Giles 0

United States of America, Fresno
Last visit Jun 18 2015
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I just installed this on 7.0.4 stable and enabled it and when I click on move and start typing, nothing comes up. As well, when I type in the full path according to my system, it does nothing.

Any ideas how to get this to work?

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 files_mv forces OC to run upgrade and hangs

 by conradh on: Jun 19 2015
Score 50%

I tried to install on OC 8.0.4
Once you enable the plugin you get the OC upgrade screen. If you click upgrade then OC hangs.
Manualy you have to disable files_mv using occ command and manualy change config.php to get out of maintenance mode.

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