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Audio Player


ownCloud Multimedia

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Audio Player

Audio Player

Issue Tracker:  Link
Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 9.0
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.2
Downloads:  6137
Submitted:  Jul 18 2016
Updated:  Jun 12 2017


Audio Player for commonly used formats with a lot of flexibility for all your needs.

- Multiple views (albums with covers and more)
- Library scan and reset with command-line and browser
- Specifying media folder (with exclude functionality)
-Play shared files directly without downloading
- Playlists and metadata editor (incl. picture)
- One Click Play from Files app
- External cover support
- Mobile view support
- Search integration
- Favorites integration

Filetypes: FLAC, MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, and Waveform Audio

Please report bugs or feature request using the GitHub issue tracking system only.


2.0.2 - 2017-06-09


360° player MIME type hint #201

default playlist sorting #174
pl translation #197 @andypl78
sorting weight for navigation in apps selection menu

continuous playback of tracks without album cover #199
VERSION tag ignored in VorbisComment #200
progress bar of 360° player does not work #201
2.0.1 - 2017-05-27


zh_CN translation #193 @TheOne1006

zh_TW translation #173 @sbr9150
uk translation #195 @BODYA7979

DISCNUMBER tag ignored in VorbisComment #196

### Added
- FLAC support
- favorites integration in Smart Playlists
- second stage of Smart Playlists
- Dynamic Playlists
- dragging also from selected lists into playlists
- support for ownCloud 10.0 and Nextcloud 12
- PSR-4 autoloader compatibility
- disc, composer, and subtitle to metadata
- notify user when new/unscanned tracks are available
- UserHooks: library cleanup when user is removed
- more metadata to Share Player

### Changed
- zh_TW translation updated
- translation sources reworked
- CSS changes for navigation menu
- compress js files

### Deprecated
- `OCP\IDB` replaced by `OCP\IDbConnection`
- `tipsy()` replaced by `tooltips()`

### Removed
- support for Nextcloud 9

### Fixed
- missing strings added to language files
- sorting albums by disc and track
- limit year to 4 digits
- undefined variable during empty category

### Security
- avoid XSS in metadata

full changelog at

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 Scan issue

 by smartroad on: Feb 6 2017
Score 50%

Hay all :D

I have installed the music app and had it scan. It scanned okay, but said about 6 files it couldn't add. I was able to play the music and all seemed okay.

I closed the browser down and when I tried to access the app again there was no music listed. I rescanned, it didn't find any new items and reported again about the 6 that it has issues with, and the then displayed all the albums again. If I refresh the albums all disappear unless I rescan.

Anyone got an idea on what I have wrong?

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 Re: Scan issue

 by smartroad on: Feb 6 2017
Score 50%

Forgot to say I am running OC 9.1.3

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 Great App

 by sic79 on: May 4 2017
Score 50%

Is there anyway I can install this app on Owncloud 10 using some sort of development/beta version?

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 Broke server..

 by deljones on: May 26 2017
Score 50%

After updating from 1.5.1 the update broke my server with a code 500 when logging on...had to uninstall to recover server... Will go back to previous version as soon as

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 add app to nas 520

 by leszekmajewski on: Jun 19 2017
Score 50%

how to add this app to nas 520, dont know where is the place to put this app??

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