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ownCloud Productivity

Score 88%
Steffen Lindner

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Minimum required   ownCloud 9.1
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.2
Downloads:  15824
Submitted:  May 9 2015
Updated:  Oct 11 2016


An email app for ownCloud (minimum server is Nextcloud 10/ownCloud 9.1 & PHP 5.4). At the moment it is a IMAP client.
If you experience any problems, please let us know in our issue tracker:

Why is this so awesome?
* Integration with other ownCloud apps! Currently Contacts & Files – more to come.
* You can use multiple mail accounts! Personal and company account? No problem.
* Send & receive encrypted emails! Using the great Mailvelope browser extension:
* We’re not reinventing the wheel! Based on the great Horde libraries:

Plans for future releases
* Proper grouping of message threads
* Even better attachment support
* Calendar integration
* Folder management & moving mails

If you want to get involved in development, see the code at and join us on IRC in #owncloud-mail :)

You can also try out the latest nightly builds at

Cheers from Thomas, Jan, Christoph, Steffen and all the great contributors!


### Added
- Alias support #1523 @tahaalibra
- New incoming messages are prefetched #1631 @ChristophWurst
- Custom app folder support #1627 @juliushaertl
- Improved search #1609 @ChristophWurst
- Scroll to refresh #1595 @ChristophWurst
- Shortcuts to star and mark messages as unread #1590 @ChristophWurst
- Shortcuts to select previous/next messsage #1557 @ChristophWurst

### Changed
- Minimum server is Nextcloud 10/ownCloud 9.1 #84 @ChristophWurst
- Use session storage instead of local storage for client-side cache #1612 @ChristophWurst
- When deleting the current message, the next one is selected immediatelly #1585 @ChristophWurst

### Fixed
- Client error while composing a new message #1609 @ChristophWurst
- Delay app start until page has finished loading #1634 @ChristophWurst
- Auto-redirection of HTML mail links #1603 @ChristophWurst
- Update folder counters when reading/deleting messages #1585

### Fixed
- Proper loading of app with most recent Firefox & oC 9.1 / NC 10 #1634 @ChristophWurst

### Added
- Enhanced client-side paging algorithm for IMAP servers without SORT #1486 @ChristophWurst

### Fixed
- Close popover on clicking somewhere else #1521 @tahaalibra
- Fix email length in the database #1518 @tahaalibra
- Fix setup error 'folder is null' #1532 @Gomez

### Fixed
- Sub-folders can not be selected #1505 @ChristophWurst

### Added
- Ability to import ics attachments into the calendar #1473 @ChristophWurst

### Fixed
- Bring back menu toggle button for mobile #1483 @ChristophWurst
- Narrow address collector column width to 255 for compatibility with MySql/InnoDB #1484 @drfuture
- Don't send messages in flowed text format #1482 @ChristophWurst
- Show first folder of an account incase of invalid folder id #1471 @tahaalibra

### Added
- Collapse folders and show only important ones #1445 @ChristophWurst
### Changed
- Show attachments as blocks instead of list #1448 @ChristophWurst
### Fixed
- Fix button and sidebar layout #1476 @skjnldsv
- Invalidate js cache if app version changes #1457 @ChristophWurst
- Fixed newly created account not being shown after successful setup #1459 @ChristophWurst #1462 @ChristophWurst
- Replace old drafts correctly #1464 @ChristophWurst
- JavaScript tests are now excluded from the app archive #1466 @ChristophWurst

- Improved autoconfig #1407 @Scheirle
- Better color generator for accounts #1428 @skjnldsv
- Load next messages automatically when reaching end of the list #499 @ChristophWurst
- Fix bug with address collector (Data too long for column) #1421 @ChristophWurst

- Fix autocompletion (regression) #1394 @ChristophWurst
- Fix show total email count for drafts folder #1396 @tahaalibra
- Logging for SMTP traffic

- Fix js error when adding attachments #1378 @ChristophWurst

- Add console command for account creation #1202 @ChristophWurst
- Drop owncloud 7 support #1267 @ChristophWurst
- Address collector - Addresses of sent mails will be used for auto-completion #1276 @ChristophWurst
- PHP 7 support #1300 @ChristophWurst
- Proper ownCloud 9.0 Support
- Fixed position of reply button
- App is code signed (official)

- Image blocking
- Inline images are directly shown
- Speed up unified inbox
- Better overall frontend performance

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 Thanks for the app / miss 2 functions

 by ownmycloud on: Sep 21 2016
Score 50%

I have installed this mailapp.
I the app are verry easy.
i miss only 2 small points.

1: Change/correct the displayname (name that is displayed by the recipient)
2: on the locally installed mail-program i can archive the email to a external file (eg. PST) and not to be constantly on the mail server. I have not see this function.

the app are really easy to use.

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 Still needs admin configuration

 by Luticus on: Sep 21 2016
Score 50%

Still missing the ability to configure the app in the admin page so it automatically connects to a predetermined email server. Would really like to see this added. Might consider replacing Rainloop if it gets added.

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 Error mail Creating account failed

 by GabrielPL on: Oct 14 2016
Score 50%

to add mail account get this error:

Error mail Creating account failed: Error connecting to SMTP server. owncloud.
I access from other devices ok but mail app not

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 Re: Error mail Creating account failed

 by GabrielPL on: Oct 14 2016
Score 50%

fail in external mail server.

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 Re: Error mail Creating account failed

 by coltona on: Nov 21 2016
Score 50%

Did you ever find out what was causing this? Mine is doing the same thing and I need help.

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