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ownCloud Productivity

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Submitted:  Jan 6 2015
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QOwnNotes is the notepad for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that works together with the notes application of ownCloud.

You can also manage your ownCloud and Task Plus / Calendar Plus todo lists with QOwnNotes.

Please ignore the "Minimum required" and "Maximum required" settings, they are only here to disable the App to be shown in the AppStore because it's a desktop App.

  • You own your own notes! All notes are stored as text files on your desktop computer.

  • Sync them with all your devices (desktop & mobile)

  • Use ownCloud Notes to edit your notes in the web

  • Manage your ownCloud todo lists (ownCloud tasks or Tasks Plus / Calendar Plus)

  • You are able to write down your thoughts with QOwnNotes and edit or search for them later from your mobile device (like with CloudNotes) or the ownCloud web-service.
    You'll find binaries on the project webpage:

    The notes are stored as plain text files and are synced with ownCloud's file sync functionality.

    I like the concept of having notes accessible in plain text files, like it is done in the ownCloud notes app, but I was not able to find a decent desktop note taking tool or a text editor, that handles them well. Out of this need QOwnNotes was born.

    Visit for installation instructions.
    Beside packages for Windows and OS X there are software repositories for Ubuntu Linux, Arch Linux, Debian Linux, openSUSE Linux, Fedora Linux and Gentoo Linux.

    QOwnNotes is available in many languages, amongst them:
    English, German, French, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch

    Please leave me a comment and tell me how you like QOwnNotes or write me your suggestions or report problems at:


    ## 16.12.0
    - you can now **import csv files** with the `Insert table` dialog
    (for [Issue #78](
    - you'll get a preview of the content of your csv file
    - you can choose the separator, text-delimiter and whether the
    first line is the table heading
    - more highlighting fixes
    (for [Issue #78](
    - fixed an issue with other highlighting inside an inline code block
    - table highlighting support for tables, that don't start with a `|`
    was dropped, that's far to messy to deal with
    - fixed a problem where the shortcuts were not viewed in the settings
    - made a special allowance for allowing entering two `*` characters in a row
    and closing both of them when the first `*` was at the end of the line
    (for [Issue #386](
    - markdown reference urls can now also be opened with Ctrl + `Click`
    - added more Japanese, Italian, Polish and Portuguese translation (thank
    you MoeMoePig, Manu-sh, lucjan and mlimacarlos)

    ## 16.11.18
    - fixed highlighting issues with images and tables
    (for [Issue #78](
    - tried to fix a package dependency in openSUSE Tumbleweed
    (for [Issue #367](
    - there now is a new scripting command `script.reloadScriptingEngine()`
    to reload the scripting engine
    - dramatically reduced the loading time of large notes
    - the navigation tree in the navigation panel was rebuilt too often
    with the new highlighter

    ## 16.11.17
    - lots of memory leak fixes, memory related optimizations and speed
    improvements, mainly in conjunction with the dialogs and the
    ownCloud service
    - added more German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese translation (thank
    you mlocati, lucjan and mlimacarlos)

    ## 16.11.16
    - **markdown** syntax **highlighting improvements**
    (for [Issue #78](
    - better multi-line html comment detection
    - image links like `![](file://)` work now
    - it's now possible to have links and italic/bold formatting in a headline
    - urls without any other markup are now highlighted too
    - they can now also be opened with Ctrl + `Click`
    - formatting bold and italic with `__bold__` and `_italic_` now also works
    - fixed a wrongly detected table in a link
    - you can now **insert** a **markdown table** with the new shortcut
    Alt + ⇧ + T
    (for [Issue #78](
    - a markdown table wizard will be opened to create an empty table
    to work with
    - added more Spanish, French and Russian translation (thank you
    richarson, lepascalou and frostyland)

    ## 16.11.15
    - a **new markdown parser and highlighter** was now implemented from
    the scratch to allow a higher parsing speed and more flexibility in
    the future
    - text will now be instantly highlighted, there is no
    highlighting-interval setting any more
    - now you also can change the styling in the settings or
    enable/disable the highlighting without re-starting the application
    - please report issues with the new highlighter if you find any
    - **markdown tables** are now supported by the new markdown highlighter
    - the mono-space code font is used for it
    - you can change the highlighting color and other styles in the settings
    - there now is a **Solus package** for QOwnNotes in the Solus main repository
    - see [Solus package for QOwnNotes](
    for more information
    - Nextcloud support is now mentioned a bit more often
    - to save memory the log output will now only be written to the log
    panel if the panel is visible
    - added more Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese,
    Ukrainian, German and Japanese translation (thank you mlocati,
    Fabijenna, lucjan, richarson, mlimacarlos, Borisvit, bigant and MoeMoePig)

    ## 16.11.14
    - added **Ukrainian translation** (a big thank you to Borisvit!)
    - reduced the margins in the todo dialog to save space on small displays
    - added more Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, German, Portuguese and
    French translation (thank you Manu-sh, Fabijenna, lucjan, bigant,
    mlimacarlos and lepascalou)

    ## 16.11.13
    - QOwnNotes is now also available for Ubuntu 17.04
    - see [Ubuntu installation](
    for more information
    - fixed a problem with inserting images if application language is Italian
    (for [Issue #391](
    - potential file open dialog filter problems in other languages were
    also fixed in the process
    - fixed searching of settings that are not at the root level of the
    settings page tree
    - now a button menu is used in the todo dialog to improve it for small
    screen sizes
    - the path to the settings file (or the key if the settings are stored
    in the Windows registry) and the path to the application database file
    are now shown in the debug settings
    - the database file path of the note folders is shown in the note
    folder list
    - added more Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese,
    French and Japanese translation (thank you Manu-sh, Fabijenna, lucjan,
    richarson, mlimacarlos, lepascalou and piyo)

    ## 16.11.12
    - added a new scripting hook `noteOpenedHook(note)` that is called every
    time a note is opened
    (for [Issue #389](
    - take a look at the
    [noteOpenedHook documentation](
    for more information
    - there is an example script at
    - added some documentation for all scripting hooks to the
    [scripting documentation](
    - the closing of brackets and markdown formatting characters is now only
    allowed if the cursor was at the end of a block
    (for [Issue #386](
    - closing brackets and markdown formatting characters are now
    automatically removed if the opening character is removed with
    (for [Issue #386](
    - opening characters can be `(`, `[`, `{`, `

    See for the full changelog.

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    All Versions
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     Really nice!

     by zakoon on: Jan 5 2016
    Score 63%

    I'm using your Software since Version 3 or so, and just want to thank you for developing this App. It's my favourite Notes-Software fpr Linux now, mainly because it integrates so good with Owncloud. Thank you a lot and I wish you healthy a productive year 2016! ;-)

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     Re: Really nice!

     by pbe78 on: Jan 22 2016
    Score 50%

    Thank you a lot for your kind words, they are the fuel that keep me going! And I'm deeply sorry I answered so late, I didn't get any notification from :(

    Have a wonderful weekend and rest of 2016! ;)

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     by zodiachacker99 on: Jun 19 2016
    Score 38%



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     by zodiachacker99 on: Jun 19 2016
    Score 38%



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     Managing Tasks doesn't work with Nextcloud 9.0.50

     by Paulikid on: Jul 3 2016
    Score 50%

    Syncing notes with Nextcloud is working like a charm, but when I try to load my calendar list inside of QOwnNotes nothing happens. I am using the default calendar backend in the current version of Nextcloud, the default tasks app in Nextclous is also activated.

    Any help for this issue? Will Nextcloud be supported in future versions?

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     Re: Managing Tasks doesn't work with Nextcloud 9.0

     by pbe78 on: Jul 4 2016
    Score 50%

    Thank you for the report.
    Could you please open an issue at

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     Re: Re: Managing Tasks doesn't work with Nextcloud

     by Paulikid on: Jul 4 2016
    Score 50%

    I just opened the issue. It would be great if Nextcloud would be supported in the near future.

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     Re: Re: Re: Managing Tasks doesn't work with Nextc

     by pbe78 on: Jul 4 2016
    Score 50%

    For reference:

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