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Submitted:  Jan 6 2015
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QOwnNotes is the notepad for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that works together with the notes application of ownCloud.

You can also manage your ownCloud and Task Plus / Calendar Plus todo lists with QOwnNotes.

Please ignore the "Minimum required" and "Maximum required" settings, they are only here to disable the App to be shown in the AppStore because it's a desktop App.

  • You own your own notes! All notes are stored as text files on your desktop computer.

  • Sync them with all your devices (desktop & mobile)

  • Use ownCloud Notes to edit your notes in the web

  • Manage your ownCloud todo lists (ownCloud tasks or Tasks Plus / Calendar Plus)

  • You are able to write down your thoughts with QOwnNotes and edit or search for them later from your mobile device (like with CloudNotes) or the ownCloud web-service.
    You'll find binaries on the project webpage:

    The notes are stored as plain text files and are synced with ownCloud's file sync functionality.

    I like the concept of having notes accessible in plain text files, like it is done in the ownCloud notes app, but I was not able to find a decent desktop note taking tool or a text editor, that handles them well. Out of this need QOwnNotes was born.

    Visit for installation instructions.
    Beside packages for Windows and OS X there are software repositories for Ubuntu Linux, Arch Linux, Debian Linux, openSUSE Linux, Fedora Linux and Gentoo Linux.

    QOwnNotes is available in many languages, amongst them:
    English, German, French, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch

    Please leave me a comment and tell me how you like QOwnNotes or write me your suggestions or report problems at:


    ## 17.11.4
    - the settings to show the system tray icon and to start the application hidden
    if the system tray icon is enabled were moved from the main menu to the
    *Interface settings* (for [#769](
    - if the user enables the system tray icon the setting to only start one
    instance of the application will also be enabled automatically if you are
    on Linux or Windows (macOS does that by itself)
    - added more German, Catalan, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French,
    Hungarian and Dutch translation translation (thank you rakekniven, MGuerra,
    mlocati, richarson, mlimacarlos, mcsa, bepolymathe and Fabijenna)
    - there now is a software repository for **Fedora 27**
    - please visit the [Fedora installation page](
    for instructions

    ## 17.11.3
    - added **Bengali translation** (a big thank you to mrrifat1!)
    - join us at [QOwnNotes on Crowdin](
    to make QOwnNotes available in more languages or help with the current
    - lists with `+` will now also continued when pressing Return
    (for [#782](, thank you @sanderboom)
    - the default foreground and background colors for the note text-edit, that was
    set in the in the *Editor settings* now also work for other Markdown
    text-edits, like the *Debug panel*, the separate note-views and the
    *Debug settings* (for [#778](
    - the disabling of the setting `Show with full path` in the *Panel settings* now
    also works under *Windows* (for [#777](
    - added more German, Catalan, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and
    Croatian translation (thank you rakekniven, MGuerra, soysexy03, mlocati,
    richarson, mlimacarlos and xpertmind)

    ## 17.11.2
    - when formatting bold or italic now leading and trailing spaces in the selected
    text will be placed before and after the formatting markers to prevent
    malformed markdown code (for [#767](
    - made some text changes in menus
    - added a warning in the update service
    - added more German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian
    and Dutch translation (thank you rakekniven, bepolymathe, mlocati, richarson,
    mlimacarlos and Fabijenna)

    ## 17.11.1
    - in dark mode the background color of the search bar in the note text edit
    will now also be adapted (if the desktop environment didn't already do it)
    (for [#768](
    - there now also are new, darker colors for the *found* and *not found*
    states when doing text searches in dark mode
    - fixed a lot of link colors in the user interface in dark mode for desktop
    environments that are forcing a to dark link color
    (for [#597](
    - if the setting to use a dark-mode system-tray icon is activated the
    application-icon will also be set to the dark-mode icon
    (for [#770](
    - the setting was renamed to `Enable dark mode application icon and tray icon`
    - added more German, Catalan, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish,
    Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian and Dutch translation (thank you rakekniven,
    MGuerra, another1, zmni, rosatravels, mlocati, richarson, mlimacarlos and Fabijenna)

    ## 17.11.0
    - list symbols like `*` and `-` will now only be removed in an empty line when
    pressing Return if there was a space-character after them
    (for [#763](
    - added another layer of error handling to the *Update checker* and more
    error messages in case something went wrong (for [#759](
    - be sure to take a look at the warnings in the *Log panel* if you want
    more information
    - added some warnings to the `startSynchronousProcess` scripting function and
    the 3rd parameter is now optional
    - added some more information to the *External git log command* settings
    - you can now use the new scripting function `script.getApplicationSettingsVariable()`
    to load application settings variables in scripts
    - for more information please take a look at the
    [scripting documentation](
    - added more French, Catalan, Portuguese, Hungarian and Dutch translation
    (thank you bepolymathe, MGuerra, manuelarodsilva and Fabijenna)

    ## 17.10.10
    - prevention of focus-stealing of the update dialog is now only done on periodic
    checks instead of also on manual checks (for [#751](
    - the setting for note-subfolders to show all notes in a folder including their
    subfolders now also makes the note-search find items in all folders
    (for [#757](
    - added more French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch
    and German translation (thank you bepolymathe, richarson, mlocati, DevilLorde,
    Fabijenna and rakekniven)

    ## 17.10.9
    - fixed the *New note* icon
    - fixed the *Application arguments* debug dump
    - there now is a new parameter `--session ` to start QOwnNotes in a
    different context for settings and internal files
    - there now is a new setting for note-subfolders to show all notes in a folder
    including their subfolders in the *Panels settings* (for [#757](
    - if turned on the *All notes* item in the *Note subfolder* panel is
    hidden because the root folder already shows all notes
    - added a package for Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) to the Launchpad build process
    - added more Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, French and German translation (thank
    you mlocati, mlimacarlos, bepolymathe and rakekniven)

    ## 17.10.8
    - restructured the main menu to make it less cluttered
    - there now is a new checkbox in the *Todo settings* to close the todo list
    after saving an item (for [#753](
    - added more Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch
    and German translation (thank you MGuerra, richarson, mlocati, mlimacarlos,
    Fabijenna and rakekniven)

    ## 17.10.7
    - added new search engines *Qwant* and *Startpage* and reordered the list in
    the *General settings* (for issue [Issue #661](
    - tried to prevent some occasions of focus stealing of the automatic update
    dialog (for issue [Issue #751](
    - added more Catalan, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian and French translation (thank
    you davidse, druus, Fabijenna and bepolymathe)

    ## 17.10.6
    - you can now select different search engines for searching text in notes in the
    *General settings* (for issue [Issue #661](,
    thank you @ron-popov)
    - added an information text to the Windows update dialog to remind the user that
    QOwnNotes needs to run from a location where the user has write access to for
    the automatic update to work (for issue [Issue #750](
    - added more French and German translation (thank you bepolymathe)

    ## 17.10.5
    - highlighting of ordered lists in the note edit panel now works above `9.`
    (for issue [Issue #746](
    - fixed links to notes whose names only consist of numbers when `Ctrl`-clicking
    them in the note text edit, in the preview there is currently no way to make
    them work (for issue [Issue #748](
    - did some dialog-text changes
    - added more Polish, Catalan, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian
    and German translation (thank you lucjan, MGuerra, mlocati, mlimacarlos,
    Fabijenna and rakekniven)

    ## 17.10.4
    - fixed that a 2nd note is created if the non-automatic headlines for new notes
    are enabled (for issue [Issue #740](
    - added more Spanish translation (thank you richarson)

    ## 17.10.3
    - you now can enable in the *General settings* that the shortcut to create new
    notes asks for a headline of the note instead of generating the headline
    automatically (for issue [Issue #740](
    - there now is a new scripting command `script.inputDialogGetText` to open an
    input dialog with a line edit (for issue [Issue #740](
    - for more information please take a look at
    [Opening an input dialog with a line edit](
    - added more French and German translation (thank you bepolymathe and rakekniven)

    ## 17.10.2
    - fixed that the automatic closing of brackets is only allowed if the cursor was
    at the end of a block (was removed by a pull request)
    - the `updater.bat` in Windows now kills the `QOwnNotes.exe` process when the
    application is updated because it doesn't seem to end in portable mode
    (for issue [Issue #376](
    - added more French and Spanish translation (thank you bepolymathe and richarson)

    ## 17.10.1
    - the automatic update dialog will now also be disable per default for
    repositories and self-builds if the settings dialog was opened in the
    welcome dialog at first application startup
    (for issue [Issue #732](
    - there now is a `--clear-settings` parameter for the application that clears
    the settings before running the application
    - there now is a `--help` parameter for the application that show the
    available command line arguments of QOwnNotes

    ## 17.10.0
    - fixed a crash with empty note-subfolders and manual reloading of the note
    folder (for issue [Issue #731](
    - tried to remedy some inconsistency in the margins of the *distraction free mode*
    (for issue [Issue #727](
    - made more text selectable and changed the sort-order in the
    *Script repository* widget
    - added the experimental script `@tag tagging in note text` to the script repository
    to make it easier to play around with the external note tagging support via the
    scripting engine (for issue [Issue #530](

    ## 17.09.9
    - the note text edit margins will now be updated when the font size increased
    or decreased in the *distraction free mode*
    (for issue [Issue #727](
    - improvements of the external note tagging support via the scripting engine
    (for issue [Issue #530](
    - fixed crash when removing more than one tag that have notes linked to them
    - when inserting a link into a note some more broken characters from the
    webpage's html-title will be replaced
    - added more German translation (thank you rakekniven)

    ## 17.09.8
    - fixed the upstream RTL bug in the note text edit
    (for issue [Issue #714](
    - improvements of the external note tagging support via the scripting engine
    (for issue [Issue #530](
    - fixed the problem where notes were overwritten by other notes in bulk operations
    - fixed a lot of occasions where not all notes were handled in bulk operations
    - fixed some random crashes with bulk operations and when the note tag tree reloads
    - fixed some random crashes, updating of the current note and occasions
    where not all notes were handled when renaming tags
    - fixed increasing and decreasing of code font-size via keyboard shortcut
    (for issue [Issue #724](
    - when inserting a link into a note some more broken characters from the
    webpage's html-title will be replaced
    - added more Hungarian and French translation (thank you Fabijenna and sagoum.kakoum)

    ## 17.09.7
    - underline bracket closing is temporary disabled because underlines are used
    in different contexts
    - improvements of the external note tagging support via the scripting engine
    (for issue [Issue #530](
    - improved ui feedback when adding and removing tags in the current note
    - tagging of multiple notes works now but is still a bit wacky because of
    race conditions with files that are getting changed all around (notes
    and note database)
    - the same goes for removing multiple notes
    - added more Hungarian translation (thank you Fabijenna)

    ## 17.09.6
    - added the first alpha version of external note tagging support via the
    scripting engine (for [Issue #323](,
    [Issue #338](,
    [Issue #379](,
    [Issue #472](,
    [Issue #530]( and
    [Issue #603](
    - as soon as a script is activated that implements the new function
    `noteTaggingHook` note tagging will be handled by that function
    - please install the script [note-tagging.qml](
    to test the basic functionality and report in [Issue #530](
    - your internal tag database and your notes might get modified
    - don't use this script on your production note folder, please make a
    copy of it and test it there!
    - following features should already work via the QOwnNotes user interface
    - initially importing tags like `@tag` from your notes and overwriting
    your current tag assignment
    - you will not loose your tags tree, just the former assignment to notes
    - you can still move tags into other tags
    - if more than one tag has the same name in your tag tree the
    first hit will be assigned
    - adding a tag to a note will add the tag to the note text
    - removing a tag from a note will remove the tag from the note text
    - removing of tags in the tag list will remove those tags from your notes
    - renaming of tags in the tag list will rename those tags in your notes
    - bulk tagging of notes in the note list will add those tags to your notes
    - bulk removing of tags from notes in the note list will remove those
    tags from your notes
    - for more information please take a look at the [scripting documentation](

    ## 17.09.5
    - added support for entering a bracket-character that surrounds the currently
    selected text (for [Issue #719](, thank you @sanderboom)
    - added more Catalan and Hungarian translation (thank you MGuerra and Fabijenna)
    - added two new scripting-methods `addTag` and `removeTag` to `NoteApi` to
    add and remove tags from notes (for [Issue #530](
    - custom tagging could now be implemented by parsing the note text for
    custom tag handlers and adding/removing tags from the note
    - for more information please take a look at the [scripting documentation](

    See for the full changelog.

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