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ownCloud Tool

Score 65%
Linagora GSO

Version Control:  Link
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Minimum required   ownCloud 7
Maximum required   ownCloud 7
Downloads:  9497
Submitted:  Sep 29 2014
Updated:  Feb 5 2015



Version 1.2 is available!
The principal new feature is that you may now get/display statistics by groups of users.
See the changelog for more complete informations.

What is Dashboard

Dashboard is an owncloud 7 app that summarizes some global informations (all accounts) on local owncloud instance usage.
These informations are gathered :

  • total used space,

  • nb of users,

  • global folders nb,

  • global files nb,

  • global shares nb,

  • (mean) file size per user,

  • (mean) nb of folders per user,

  • (mean) nb of files per user,

  • (mean) nb of shares per user,

  • (mean) size per folder,

  • (mean) files per folder,

  • (mean) size per file,

  • (standard deviation) nb of files per user,

  • (standard deviation) nb of folders per user,

  • (standard deviation) nb of shares per user

  • Cron task is used for historization and chart may be displayed for the last week, month, semester or year for one the data in the list above.

    JSON API is provided that allows you real-time stats extracting.

    See the README for more informations. (

    INSTALL : dezip the archive in owncloud apps. Be carefull to the name of the directory : "dashboard" (without any tag version, added in the github release zip).



  • BUGFIX** Displayed unit is now correct.

  • BUGFIX** Pass code checker tests.

  • ENHANCEMENT** Add stats by group possibilities.

  • ENHANCEMENT** Allow giving dashboard access to some groups by configuration.

  • ENHANCEMENT** No more flickering on loading page.

  • 1.1

  • BUGFIX Switch from integer to bigint in database to store big values.

  • ENHANCEMENT Display all size related values in human readable format.

  • ENHANCEMENT Add option / arg to command 'populate' to delete history datas before generation and / or set the nb of days stats generation.

  • DOC Add install section in README.

  • DOC Add changelog :)

  • 1.0

  • Initial release

  • LicenseAGPL
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     Update to oc9?

     by Isidore on: Jun 27 2016
    Score 50%
    Epic Tales Agency

    Hi there I would like to have a look and play with your app, but i get an error message on install:

    "No minimum version number given" and so I am not able to activate it.

    I see the app goes up to oc 7, so I was wondering if and when to expect an update towards version 9.

    Kind regards,

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     Re: Update to oc9?

     by ppaysant on: Jun 29 2016
    Score 50%
    Linagora GSO

    Hello Isidore,

    Thanks for your interest.
    The version for OC9 will come in coming months, I hope before september. The appstore entry will be updated.

    Best regards

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     Re: Re: Update to oc9?

     by miniti on: Sep 8 2016
    Score 50%

    Hi, we are also interested in this app, our ideal dashboard would be one not with statistics but with the option to place, newsfeed, company news, tasks, so that our employees would be informed right away after login.

    Would this be possible maybe? Or is there a chance of customizing the app for us? (hired obv.)

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     Re: Re: Re: Update to oc9?

     by ppaysant on: Sep 8 2016
    Score 50%
    Linagora GSO

    Hello minit,

    Thanks for your interest.

    There's already an app for that :) Have a look at

    Best regards,

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: Update to oc9?

     by miniti on: Sep 9 2016
    Score 50%

    Thank you very much for your swift response :) I will try that out, it#s a bit outdated though, lets see if it works.

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