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Mozilla Sync


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Mozilla Sync

Mozilla Sync

Mozilla Sync

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Minimum required   ownCloud 6
Maximum required   ownCloud 6
Downloads:  31121
Submitted:  Nov 14 2013
Updated:  Jun 30 2015


Mozilla Sync is a simple ownCloud app integrating the Mozilla Sync API in an ownCloud server. It allows users to synchronize Firefox data (e.g. bookmarks, passwords, history,...) using their ownCloud server. This app is a fork of mjaskurzynski's mozilla_sync app, which was not developed anymore.

Please look at the and inside the docs/ folder for setup instructions, hints and configuration options.

Please use the GitHub issue tracker to report problems instead of the comment section here.


v1.4: 2014-02-11
* IMPORTANT: Incompatible with ownCloud 6.0.0! ownCloud 5.x and ownCloud 6.0.1 work fine.
* Added compatibility for iOS Foxbrowser app
* Added new interface and backend to store Sync email independently of ownCloud's recovery email
* Use correct precision, scale decimal type for database
* More robust URL parsing
* More lightweight HTML layout
* Less but better debug output on errors
* Improved README

v1.3.1: 2013-12-21
* Database sortindex column fix
* Fix last sync date on personal page
* Updated translations

v1.3: 2013-12-17
* LDAP authentication works now
* Show same usage/quota as Firefox browser
* Feedback for changes in admin panel
* Show installed app version in admin panel
* DB backend updates and fixes
* Updated Readme

v1.2.4: 2013-12-14
* Workaround for ownCloud database bug
* Better debug output for invalid storage requests
* Updated translations

v1.2.3: 2013-12-13
* Fix not null contraint in database
* Updated translations

v1.2.2: 2013-12-09
* Fix quota bug in ownCloud 6
* Change settings and admin page for ownCloud 6

v1.2.1: 2013-12-08
* Fix quota display in admin panel
* Improved error logging
* Updated translations

v1.2: 2013-12-05
* Restrict to group feature added to Admin Page
* Quota feature added to Admin Page
* Sync status added to Personal Page
* Delete server storage added to Personal Page
* Extended README, added manuals and documentation
* Add debug output to ownCloud log
* Remove PHP warnings from ownCloud log
* Check for duplicate email addresses
* Fix SQLite incompatability
* Updated translations

v1.1.1: 2013-11-17
* Added support for LDAP user backend (issue #23)
* Remove not-null constraint from ttl DB column
* Updated README and INSTALL files
* Updated translations

v1.1: 2013-11-14
* Added working support for Firefox on Android
* ownCloud 6.0 compatible
* Added support for quota and size queries
* Added missing output formats
* Omit unnecessary fields in response
* Other bug fixes

v1.0: 2013-03-16
* Initial version developed by Michal Jaskurzynski

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 Firefox 46

 by paulo00o on: Jun 5 2016
Score 38%

it work firefox 46?

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 Re: Firefox 46

 by DarkSteve on: Aug 6 2016
Score 63%


Dude, just read the existing comments. The comment posted immediately before yours answered the question.

Put some effort in, FFS.

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 Setup with FF49 shows strange behavior

 by verleihnix on: Nov 8 2016
Score 50%

Setting up a FF49.02 with a freshly installed oc 9.1 failed. Firefox expects an email adress instead of a name and password of 7 digits is too short.

ok, so i set up a new acount at oc with a valid mail adress as username and a 12 digit passwort. again i received 'unbekannter fehler' - unknown error.

a look into oc's logfile showed that FF tries to login with the username of the first account and passwort of the second. of course this does not work. but setting the same password for both accounts leeds to a connection. strange, isn't it?

does anybody have an idea how to get around this? passwords on the production machine should stay unchanged.

best regards

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 Firefox 53.0.3 /sync 1.4/OC8 last version to work

 by craigarno on: Jul 2 2017
Score 50%

I still have Sync v1.4 running under OwnCloud 8. Firefox just upgraded from 53.0.3 to 54.0 and v1.1 protocol sync stopped working.

I downloaded and installed Firefox 53.0.3 from , and Sync started working again.

Looks like I'll freeze FF @ 53.0.3 until I can find a server version of Sync protocol version 1.5 with AFX to run on my local server.

I don't like the idea of saving my retirement fund and banking passwords/bookmarks to anyone elses server, no matter how much reassurance I get about how "safe" it is. History shows newer computing platform capabilities can crack older "security methods".

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 Re: Firefox 53.0.3 /sync 1.4/OC8 last version to w

 by DarkSteve on: Jul 29 2017
Score 50%

I recently upgraded to Nextcloud 12, and this app still works fine. (Is ownCloud 8 still maintained?)

This app works great with Pale Moon, which stuck with Sync 1.1. Pale Moon can use most of Firefox's extensions, but you may have to use older versions of those extensions. Just sayin', in case old Firefox becomes too insecure.

It's unlikely Sync 1.5 will be turned into an own/nextcloud app, since it requires three separate components - an accounts server, an auth server, then finally the sync server. There are instructions online how to get Sync 1.5 standalone or webserver supported servers running.

But honestly, switch to Pale Moon. It's more stable than Firefox and less prone to functionality changes because of the latest fad or the whims of corporate politics.

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