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ownCloud Tool

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Minimum required   ownCloud 8.0
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.0
Downloads:  4337
Submitted:  Jun 27 2015
Updated:  Apr 4 2016


for ownCloud Server 8 and 9

2015-2016, Fallon Turner

This app cannot be installed from within ownCloud, since this system demands repackaging of releases and kills the possibility to freely use GitHub master versions.


This is a Password Manager for generating, SHARING, editing, and categorizing passwords in ownCloud 8 and ownCloud 9. It features both client side and server side encryption (using combined EtM [Encrypt-then-MAC] and MCRYPT_BLOWFISH encryption with user-specific, ownCloud-specific, and database entry-specific data), where only the user who creates the password is able to decrypt and view it. So passwords are stored heavily encrypted into the ownCloud database (read about Security and sharing here:

Gallery with more screenshots:

This app is compatible with KeePass, 1Password, LastPass, SplashID or every other source, as long as passwords are exported as CSV.

All passwords are encrypted with user-specific, ownCloud-specific and server-specific keys. This means passwords can be decrypted:

  • only by the user who created the password (so this user must be logged in),

  • only on the same ownCloud instance where the password was created in (meaning: same password salt in config.php).

  • Other users or administrators are never able to decrypt passwords, since they cannot login as the user (assuming the users password isnt known). If the password salt is lost, all passwords of all users are lost and irretrievable.


    Download the latest release and copy the folder passwords to /owncloud/apps/ (remember that the folder must be called 'passwords'). Login as admin and enable the app. The database tables will be created automatically.
    Latest release:

    Or use GitHub directly:
    git clone /var/www/owncloud/apps/passwords
    Edit /var/www/owncloud/ to match the root of your ownCloud installation.


    A big thanks to all participants in this project. I thank Anthony Ferrara (ircmaxell), for teaching the world how to properly set up security in PHP.


    18.0 - Apr 4, 2016
    * Added sharing! Share all your passwords with others (you can trust)!
    -- The users you can share with, is based on the admin settings (only from your own group, or all users, ...)
    -- Icons indicate the number of users you've shared a password with
    -- Popup shows avatars, ownCloud login names and display names
    -- It uses a random share key (256-bit strong) that is created everytime a share is created.
    This key is saved to a new (third) database table, `oc_passwords_share`, and to the encrypted `properties` column of the password owner.
    When the keys match, the password will be decrypted on the receiving user's side.
    -- Note: LDAP is not yet supported, but will be in v18.1.
    * This app can now fully be controlled remotely!
    This makes it technically possible to use ownCloud Passwords on Android, iPhones, remote servers, you name it.
    Other authors have already made browser plugins available for Firefox and Chrome.
    No strict need to use the website of ownCloud anymore, but it all works just as safe.
    -- Changed RESTful API to support GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT
    -- Moved all calculation classes to server-side (translated JavaScript to PHP, which is all PHP 7 safe)
    -- Wrote documentation for API use: [url]([/url]
    -- Firefox addon: [url]([/url] (thanks to @eglia)
    -- Chrome extension: [url]([/url] (thanks to @thefirstofthe300)
    * Created a gallery with screenshots:
    * Allow tabs for input in notes field (so pressing Tab doesn't switch to another field, but instead inserts a tab)
    * Filtering a category or text now only searches active passwords, ignoring passwords in the trash bin
    * Added 'Edit categories' button to category popup
    * Changed all deprecated PHP classes, to follow ownCloud's guidelines
    * Changed default `session_lifetime` to 15 minutes.
    This will terminate a user session after 15 minutes of inactivity, if (1) a user has set a countdown timer in his personal settings and (2) this user setting is longer than 15 minutes (900 seconds).
    The timer will reset on activity, just like the normal countdown timer on the lower right of the screen.
    * Dropped support for PostgreSQL, for now (I'll try to support it from 18.1 on again)
    * Faster transition to categories and back
    * Changed popup background to better show buttons like 'Generate password'
    * Enlarged popup
    * Set default length for generating passwords to 30 instead of 25
    * Show password fields in space fixed font, which makes complex passwords easier to read
    * Fix for column headers `Strength` and `Last changed`
    * Fix for scrollbar on sidebar
    * Fix for reset of category list after adding a password
    * Fix for losing a full URL when password was changed
    * Fix for popup on smaller screens (mobile phones): the popup is now scrollable when it covers more than 75% of the browsers height
    * Fix for website icons not always showing
    * Fix for password column width
    * Fix for restore icon not always showing after deleting a password
    * Fix for JavaScript errors after closing a OC dialog
    * Fix for JavaScript error if using the countdown timer
    * Fix for select boxes after deleting a category
    * Fix for SQLite when database type is not defined in config/config.php
    * Direct link to this version:

    17.2 - Mar 12, 2016
    * Fix for saving and updating a password on PostgreSQL backends
    * If you don't use PostgreSQL (but MySQL or SQLite3 instead), you don't need this update
    * Direct link to this version:

    17.1 - Mar 10, 2016
    * Support for ownCloud 9.0 - this app now works with all versions of OC8 and OC9
    * Support for Firefox! Andreas Egli created a browser plugin for Firefox, which works with Firefox 30.0 and later (includes Android too):
    * Added automated Transifex translations, by so introducing support for Albanian, Czech, British English, Hebrew, Icelandic, Norwegian and Portuguese (Brazil)
    * Fix for import window position
    * Fix for SQLite3 and PostgreSQL databases
    * Fix for importing passwords that gave 'session expired' error
    * Fix for notes containing tabs
    * Fix for update process where new database tables weren't created
    * Reminder: As ownCloud moves towards PHP 7: all my classes are PHP 7 safe
    * Direct link to this version:
    * The next release (v18, expected April/May 2016) will contain sharing.

    Click here to view the whole changelog:

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     Passwords sharing for Category

     by eserden on: Aug 15 2016
    Score 50%

    Could you please add possibility for sharing Category passwords.
    As I see now I can share onlny single record.

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     NextCloud support?

     by JulienV on: 1 day ago
    Score 50%


    Is there any plan on supporting NextCloud officially? What about NextCloud 10?


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