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ocDownloader (NG)


ownCloud Tool

Score 69%
ocDownloader (NG)

ocDownloader (NG)

ocDownloader (NG)

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Minimum required   ownCloud 8.0
Maximum required   ownCloud 8.1
Downloads:  4852
Submitted:  May 15 2015
Updated:  Aug 14 2015


NEW !! ocDownloader Chrome Extension
ocDownloader Chrome Extension is available here :
(ocDownloader 1.5 is required)

NEW 2 !! ocDownloader Firefox addon
ocDownloader Firefox Addon is available here :
(ocDownloader 1.2.3 is required)

I'm looking for help to translate the application ! Anyone ? ;-) If you are interested go to

ocDownloader (NG) is the completely new version of the existing ocDownloader application.

The application has been reviewed, and it\'s download engine has changed ! Now ocDownloader uses Aria2 through a JSON-RPC interface.

Requirements :
- ARIA2 (Not a requirement anymore since v1.2)
- Youtube-DL (using Python)

User the application
To use this application, please take a look to this wiki page :

The communication between the application and the engine is made via the following URL : (loopback IP address).

For now, the application allows you to download directly to your OwnCloud server with protocols HTTP(S), FTP(S), YouTube Videos, BitTorrent
Each protocol has a set of options.

Translations Credits :
- Polish : Andrzej Kaczmarczyk
- Spanish / Catalan : Julián Sackmann, Erik Fargas
- German : sinus23, Moritz
- Russian : AlucoST, novikoz
- Hungarian : Károly Polacsek
- Bulgarian : Asen Gonov
- Persian : Amir Keshavarz
- Chinese : Young You, dzxx36gyy (顾益阳), whatot huang
- Italian : Leonardo Bartoletti, adelutti (Andrea), r.bicelli Riccardo Bicelli
- Danish : Janus Ljósheim, Johannes Hessellund
- Korean : Hyungseok Yang / Toruk James Lucciano Makto


- Update languages, add following languages : Persian, Chinese, Italian, Danish, Korean
- You can now upload a torrent file directly from the application
- The checkbox to remove a torrent file when adding a torrent download is now checked by default
- Add admin settings to manage protocols permissions
- Add a set_time_limit to 0 for the cURL fallback download script
- Add upload / download speed limit settings in the admin panel
- Add a ratio control for the BitTorrent protocol in the personal settings panel (default : unlimited - "0.0")
- Add a seed time control for the BitTorrent protocol in the personal settings panel (default : 1 week)

- Fix a bug in the downloader queue while counting downloads.
- Improve ocDownloader API to works with the Firefox addon.

- Fix minor bugs
- Add Bulgarian L10N support

- Fixing bugs with ARIA2 when not using the fallback : cURL
- Fixing a bug with the link on completed downloads
- Fixing a bug with Chrome and admin settings
- Adding the use of proxy settings in the BitTorrent downloader
- Fixing global js / css bugs

- Add an ARIA2 fallback using CURL (Please read this for requirements :
- Add an update checker (can be switched off in the Admin panel. Default : on)
- Update existing language and add the following : Catalan, Hungarian (85% completed)
- Downloads are now refreshed 3 seconds after being updated (not every 5 seconds anymore)

- Add an API to communicate with the world ! (a documentation will be created in the next days)

- Update queue controller style
- Fix badges z-index style
- Fix a bug in the badger.js file
- Fix a minor bug in the youtube-dl lib when using a proxy
- Update PL and RU translation files

- Update ES and RU translation files
- Fix minor bugs in youtube controller and counters

- Add ratio information for torrent downloads
- Improve queue UI (download and upload speed)
- The trash icon on Add page now hide downloads
- Add a "Complete Downloads" view
- Add an "All Downloads" view
- Add proxy configuration to youtube-dl requests
- Add UserID to the download queue
- Review all the JS to optimize the code
- Get downloads data as soon as the download is added
- Add badges to the left menu

- Remove the downloaded value from the progress bar when the download is finished
- Add a loader icon to all type of download when adding a download
- Add Russian and German translations
- Update polish and french translations

- Add Spanish L10N support
- Fix a YouTube limitation with youtube-dl by adding a new option (Force IPv4)

- Add polish L10N support.
- Add the possibility to download into a folder on an external storage folder.
- Add a remove all button to all screens

- Add the availability to pause/unpause downloads
- Transform downloads name into a link when the download is complete

- Fix a minor bug with the download folder

- Add L10N support (French, English)
- Add a link to the Torrents folder if no torrents files are found

- ocDownloader now can download with the bittorrent protocol !
- You can now manage a downloads folder and a torrents folder (default folders are : /Downloads and /Downloads/Files/Torrents)

- Fix youtube-dl to ignore FFMpeg (ocDownloader is not a postprocessing application)
- ocDownloader now allows the use of a network proxy

- Youtube video downloads now uses aria2 by default (currently not working correctly only if ffmpeg is installed on the server)
- Removing the check of the aria2c process but now ocDownloader falls into an error if aria2c is not running
- Add some controls in the downloader queue controller if aria2c is not running

- Add a feature to directly extract audio from youtube videos (works only if ffmpeg is installed on the server). Read this to install ffmpeg on Linux Debian JESSIE

- Fix a bug while checking if youtube-dl is installed on the server

- Add a new download provider : youtube-dl
- Add an admin settings field to configure the youtube-dl binary path

- Add a speed information in tables for active downloads
- Add a control to check if ARIA2C is running as a daemon or not
- Change application icon to SVG format

- Add HTTP basic authentication

- Fix a big bug with Postgresql
- Add a progressbar
- Add the remove function to all pages
- The remove function on "Removed Downloads" page totally remove the download from ARIA2 (clean data) and from the database (update IS_DELETED column)

v0.2.2 :
- Removing the check-certificate option in the HTTP downloader (more details here in the wiki page :

v0.2.1 :
- Fix a bug in the HTTP command options
- Fix a bug in the FTP command options

v0.2 :
- New application
- Aria2 integration
- HTTP(S) / FTP(S) supported

LicenseCreative Commons by-sa
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 downloads from wetransfer and dropbox

 by Seoulnami on: Jan 28 2016
Score 50%

Hello, first of all I really like the idea of the App, so thank you very much!
But I have a little problem downloading from dropbox and wetransfer So I installed the App on my Owncloud 8.2.2 and when I tested some downloadlinks from wetransfer and dropbox the downloaded files I got weren´t video files but instead small files with html in it.

Could this be a problem with 8.2.2 or am I overlooking something else ?

thank you and best


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 Re: downloads from wetransfer and dropbox

 by Seoulnami on: Feb 9 2016
Score 50%

I just tested it with 8.1.1 and have the same issue...Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? Any help is highly appreciated.



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 files not showing up upon download

 by pitrson on: Feb 1 2016
Score 50%


Ive sucessfully downloaded a file through bittorrent. Unfortunately the file is not visible within OwnCloud when the download is finished. I can see the file when I list the contents through the command line though.

Im using owncloud v 8.2. Any idea ?


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 Re: files not showing up upon download

 by joshelu on: Feb 12 2016
Score 50%


Kubuntu User
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 Re: Re: files not showing up upon download

 by pitrson on: Feb 14 2016
Score 50%

I spoke to creator of OCdownloader ..he's aware of this and he will release new version till end of February

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 Re: Re: Re: files not showing up upon download

 by Seoulnami on: Mar 8 2016
Score 50%

any news on a new version ?

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 by Blackcrack on: Mar 11 2016
Score 50%

please for owncloud 9.0 :)

best regards

IT´s me, Blacky from Blackysgate

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 wget and other possibilitys

 by Blackcrack on: May 15 2016
Score 50%


i use openmandriva and there it is -no- support for aria+systemd
(systemctl enable aria.service)
and the prorammer like Bero and TPG whont
not add this possible *gnh..* so, could you
add please the possible for use wget and
other cli/promt downloader for be more compatible
for other distriebutions like it was ?
Because this was really ....really pretty good..
(btw, it'sw possible for use an bitclient in cli ?
if yes, maybe should the ocdownloader this support too ?)
( common, make a lil' dirty penguin ocdownloader,
i liiike it*bg* *whip*tshaäeck'''') *lol*
with manny possibility's (aria alone it's so depend :\ )

best regards

IT´s me, Blacky from Blackysgate

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 downloaded files has 0b

 by xXSonicXx on: May 27 2016
Score 50%


i use it with owncloud 9.0.2 and it works really good. but the downloaded files has 0b size. I can download the files to my PC and has the real size again. what can i do?

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