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Files Tree


ownCloud Tool

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Files Tree

Files Tree

Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 7
Maximum required   ownCloud 7
Downloads:  34274
Submitted:  Nov 26 2012
Updated:  Aug 7 2014


Enhance file-system navigation :
* adds a tree to explore filesystem
* provides full AJAX navigation
* Shows "shared with me" content

App page on our (french) blog :

Source on Github :
Make sure that the folder is well named "files_tree"


v 0.9.0
Fix: OC7 friendly, use OCA.Files

v 0.8.2
Fix : Refresh bug

V 0.8.1
Fix : Adjust tree top margin (thanks to Aotao)
Add : Update icons

V 0.8.0
Fix : OC6 friendly

V 0.7.0
Add : tree (re)remembers opened folders
Add : check if the opening url is /Shared and redirect to correctly manage read/write rights
Add : Do not display files_tree in public shared folders
Fix : Improve JS code cleanness

V 0.6.9
Fix : "You don't have permissions here" problem by javicarabantes

V 0.6.8
Fix : Subdirectory OC installs

V 0.6.7
Fix : reloads and display shared items

V 0.6.6
Fix : works fine in trashbin

V 0.6.5
Add : Full drag and drop support
Fix : Scan only opened folders, increases performances
Fix : Hide new and upload button if write is not permitted
Fix: Bug fix

V 0.6.0
Add : Show shared content in root directory
Add : Breadcrumb transition
Add : German translation by Robert Hennig
Fix: Improved compability with other apps

V 0.5.2
Fix : Decode files URI to make it "texteditor friendly"

V 0.5.1
Fix : Bug fix

V 0.5.0
Add : Full AJAX navigation
Fix : Performances optimization

V 0.4.2
Fix : Performances optimization
Fix : Cache was making opened folders forgotten
Fix : CSS fix

V 0.4.1
Fix : Only refresh cache on folder action

V 0.4.0
Add : Performances optimization with cache
Add : Refresh cache button
Add : French translation

V 0.3.0
Add : OC5 friendly
Fix : Performances optimization

V 0.2.2
Fix : Closed icon folder for ownCloud not running in the host root

V 0.2.1
Add : Different icon for open or closed folders
Fix : icon folder for ownCloud not running in the root of the virtual host

V 0.2.0
Add : Enhanced GUI

V 0.1.1
Add : Different colours for expanded or collpased toggle buttons
Fix : Empty folder superposition bug

V 0.1.0
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 Not working with v.8.0

 by ecxod on: May 2 2015
Score 58%

it brings twoo Home "House" Icons, and works for ever "loading..."

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 Re: Not working with v.8.0

 by Blackcrack on: Sep 19 2015
Score 50%

maybe a small update ?
for 7.0-8.2 Owncloude .. Please :)))))

best regards

IT´s me, Blacky from Blackysgate

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 Re: Re: Not working with v.8.0

 by Blackcrack on: Sep 20 2015
Score 50%

Github Repo, there :

if want branch this and update ,
would be grate :)

best regards

IT´s me, Blacky from Blackysgate

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 by henriquejensen on: Jun 7 2015
Score 63%

Problem too. Only "loading", nothing happens.

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 please update for owncloud 8.1

 by miladranaei72 on: Sep 4 2015
Score 50%

my owncloud is 8.1 and just i see loading...
what should i do?
please help me

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 not working 8.2

 by xzabala on: Nov 3 2015
Score 63%

Same problem descrived above: tree frame doesn't go fordward from "loading" state.

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 nice, but the other File-apps no more avilable

 by motsch on: Feb 22 2016
Score 50%

Hi, great work. I have installed these extension, after Aktivation no other Files based Apps are present. Like share or version. I use 7.0.2. After Deactivation all is good.

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