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ownCloud Tool

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Minimum required   ownCloud 5
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Submitted:  Nov 27 2012
Updated:  Nov 18 2014


Authenticate against an arbitrary SQL database. The backend also provides retrieval of all users, so that you can share files as well.

It is heavily based on user_imap, user_ldap, user_pwauth and user_redmine. After installation, simply enable the app in your admin account and configure the database details.

Currently, it supports md5, md5crypt, cleartext, system, mysql password, Joomla MD5, Joomla phpass and mysql_encrypt encryption types, based on the PostfixAdmin functions.

It was developed to authenticate against a postfixadmin database configured with System (Crypt).

Support for DisplayNames as available in OC5+ is also available.

v0.9.2 adds ability to map domains. This was developed specifically for PostfixAdmin, which stores the e-mail address as usernames. With this configuration, users from can log in as user (instead of and those from can use user, too (instead of


v1.0 Add support for Joomla 2.5.18+ encryption, bugfix
v0.9.2 - Add Domain Mapping options
v0.9.1 - New Admin interface, branch merge and bugfix (caching, checkbox saving)
v0.9.0 - Add support for DisplayNames (in oc5 branch)
v0.8.0 - Add Joomla encryption type as well as improvements on cache handling
v0.7.1 - Fixed possible CSRF vulnerability
v0.7 - Added support for mySQL PASSWORD() encryption as per request. Currently UNTESTED.
v0.6 - Fixed some SQL injection problems
v0.5 - Add more encryption types based on PostfixAdmin
v0.4 - Enable password change, configurable possibility to add/strip domains from usernames (postfixadmin stores usernames as complete email address including domain)
v0.3 - Use separate column to specify active users, enable
v0.2 - Ported to PDO (based on user_redmine) and thus now also supports PostgreSQL
v0.1 - Initial Version against OC 4.5.2

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 auto autorisations

 by moonkir on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

Is it possible to use this plugin automatically authenticate users Wordpress?

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 Re: auto autorisations

 by andyboeh on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

Sorry, I'm not sure if I've correctly understood your question.

Where shall your users be stored, Wordpress or ownCloud?

What do you mean by 'automatically'?

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 Re: Re: auto autorisations

 by moonkir on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

I have users in Wordpress
As these users to connect to owncloud
that they would not enter a password and login in owncloud
and use a password which they introduced in WordPress
Users - necessary authorization

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 Re: Re: Re: auto autorisations

 by andyboeh on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

No, this doesn't work that way, sorry. What you're looking for is a Single-Sign-On solution (SSO). You should check out SAML or OpenID.

What might be possible is that your users can use the SAME username and password as for ownCloud, but they need to enter them for each system separately.

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