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Submitted:  Apr 25 2012
Updated:  Nov 16 2013


Shorty offers a service to store, manage and use a collection of short links pointing to resources in the web. The features are a combination of a centralized bookmarks collection, an URL shortener and a basic access control. A new Shorty can be created either manually by entering a URL ("New shorty") or by simply clicking the "Shortlet" whenever you come over a page you want to share. This "Shortlet" is something like a Bookmarklet, a script based bookmark meant to be stored inside the bookmark area of your web browser. When clicked, the page currently open in the browser will be added to your collection of Shortys, including a practical shortened URL.

Each Shorty contains a source and a target URL. The source URL can be used to be posted in forums, sent inside an email message or whatever. It is typically much shorter than the target URL, a full blown web URL, though this depends a little on which shortening service you want to use as a "backend". Basic access control is implemented to control the access of Shortys posted to forums or sent per email, but not on a per user or per group base. Existing Shortys can be blocked for usage, set to expire on a certain date and obviously can be removed permanently again.

There is an optional plugin to this app called 'Shorty Tracking':
It records and displays each access of a Shorty which might help in maintainance.

A basic documentation is packed into several files in the 'doc' folder and also offered online:

As written many times before I can not invest the time to maintain these apps any longer. I asked several times for others to step forward, for active users to contribute, for interested people to fix small issues, all without success. The apps code lives on github inside the owncloud repositories, everyone is able and welcome to contribute. However there is another catch:

owncloud version 6 is approaching. Once more it is incompatible to prior versions in more aspects than expected. This is why the Shorty app will not be usable in owncloud anymore. I spend some time investigating what changes might be required and had to admit that because of layout changes all of the dialog templates and styles will have to be reimplemented. This is a time consuming thing because of the limited area available and the requirement to maintain backwards compatibility for at least version 5. As said before: I myself cannot invest that time.

I am sorry to say so, but without contributions and without the owncloud team itself jumping in:


* Fri Jul 12 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.30
New setting of a default backend suggested inside the users preferences.
* Tue Jun 18 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.29
Fixed a bug that prevented a Shortys target to become editable when being clicked.
* Tue Jun 18 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.28
A number of style fixes to improve the apps appearance in MS IE browsers.
Graphics file format optimization to reduce file sizes.
Fixed automatic text selection in usage popup offered in the embedded share dialogs.
* Thu Jun 13 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.27
Fixed a bug in the internal plugin interface that produced annoying log entries.
* Thu May 23 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.26
Fixed verification of the base url required for the 'Static Backend' setup.
Fixed the preferences dialogs layout when using the static backend.
Suppress annoying and missleading autocomplete feature for url dialogs.
* Tue Apr 30 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.25
Addional personal preference to set the default status for new Shortys.
Fixed a layout glitch for backend selection in the preference dialog.
Fixed controls panel positioning to comply with the FluXX Compensator (Y).
* Sun Mar 24 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.24
Fixed shortlet not to result in an error when being used.
* Wed Mar 20 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.23
Allow direct activation in ownCloud5 based installations.
* Fri Mar 01 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.22
Some general security fix to the apps framework.
* Wed Feb 20 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.21
Fixed visibility of list header which was accidentially hidden below the control panel.
Fixed display of feedback on actions by reimplementing the messenger area.
Added a new preference to control the level of verbosity of feedback on actions.
Optimized preference retrieval (caching strategy).
* Tue Feb 15 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.20
Fixed decoding of titles when scraping meta data from target pages.
* Tue Feb 12 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.19
Support for ownCloud version 5.
Fixed handling of favicons when adding multiple Shortys.
Update the favicon when a Shortys target url is changed.
Enhancement to the list layout and apeparance to improve readability.
* Mon Jan 14 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.18
Fixed the 'recycle' icon for rows marked as deleted, to not scrumble row layout.
Switched more (dynamically controlled) icons to svg format.
Fixed some problems in compatibility to ownCloud version 4.0 based installations.
Action icons now stay visible inside the active row when not hovering.
Size optimization for the png versions of icons.
* Mon Jan 07 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.17
Use svg version of icons where applicable.
Recreated most icons for a more unified look and feel.
Fixed qrcode retrieval uder PostgreSQL database engines.
Generally prevent text and content selections except for input elements.
Numerous fixes to get Shorty usable under MS Internet Explorer.
* Tue Jan 01 2013 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.16
Fixed automatic text selection inside the usage popups.
Force downloading of a qrcode image when self referencing it.
* Mon Dec 31 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.15
Changed supported OC version to 4.9 (OC-4.5).
Support for the postgresql database engine.
The apps top controls panel can be hidden now and got an enhanced layout.
Some style and layout corrections especially for webkit based browsers.
Fixed validation of the static backend setup for cross domain situations.
Better support for cross domain verification for the static backend configuration.
* Sat Dec 15 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.14
Fixed big oops display of access times that gave the wrong month and day!
* Wed Dec 11 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.13
Fixed layout of share dialog getting distorted under certain circumstances.
* Thu Nov 29 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.12
Fixed a small glitch in settings handling.
Some minor performance and logging enhancements.
* Fri Nov 16 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.11
Fixed visualization of last access time inside Shorty dialogs.
Enabled forwarding to more http based protocol schemes: shttp, ipp, webdav, webdavs
* Tue Nov 01 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.10
Some fixed to the actions inside dialogs when used inside OC-4.0.x installations.
An additional service 'shorty_stats' allows to remotely retrieve data.
* Fri Oct 26 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.9
Targets of existing Shortys can be modified as an explicit action now.
Enhanced notification and exception visualization and handling.
A few bugfixes and enhancements for title handling inside Shortys.
Some further layout and style fixes, cleanups.
* Tue Oct 09 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.8
Switched layout of list of shortys to a liquid style (using the whole screens width).
Fixed display size for some exotic favicons inside dialogs.
Internal style reorganisation to isolate OC4 backwards compatibility exceptions.
Fixed visualization of explanations for backend in preferences dialog.
Fixed sharpness control of dialogs.
Fixed datepicker dialog sometimes being hidden by other widgets.
Some fixes for usage under MS Internet Explorer though still a lot of issues remain.
A few layout enhancements and german translation completion.
* Fri Sep 28 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.7
Preparations to rely on the OC core to refresh the request token if implemented.
- the Shorty strategy and code is to be accepted into the OC core :-)
- for version prior to that Shorty still handles refreshing itself
Fixed a crash that was introduced by changes in the OC core in recent beta versions.
Some preparations for future referencing of files stored inside OC as opposed to URLs.
Some internal code changes to reflect advances in the underlying jquery library.
A few logical fixes to detection of special runtime exceptions.
Some more small optical layout fixes.
Fixed missleading debug statement in ajax hooks for settings and preferences control
Fixed settings and preferences control not to ignore empty values
* Sat Sep 09 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.6
General appearance enhancements for some dialog details.
Clearified explanations and hints for preferences and settings.
Some internal changes required by the changes in the upcoming OC5 release:
- most visible change: the personal preferences moved to a popup dialog inside the Shorty app.
- convenient reference to the system settings from within the personal preferences of admin users.
- additional 'home page' button referencing the apps page in the OC app store.
* Sun Aug 12 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.5
Fixed standalone dialogs not being visible in rare circumstances.
Some cleanups in the style rule selectors.
* Mon Aug 06 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.4
Implementation of a runtime callback catalog to ease plugin development.
Internal code and namespace changes to match OCs Coding Style Guide.
Simplified retrieval of meta data for urls to work the same in all dialogs.
More flexible list filtering by using callbacks for column value retrieval.
Visible click count in Shorty and sums are live updated now when the source url is clicked.
Fixed the internal verification of the configuration of the static backend.
* Tue Jul 24 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.3
Use OCs CSRF protection framework for ajax requests.
Fixed a few compatibility issues with OC5-pre versions.
* Thu Jul 19 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.2
Fixed a few problems with updating a currently listed Shorty after a modification.
Fixed storage of empty expiration dates when used with a MySQL database system.
* Mon Jul 18 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.1
Fixed sanity checks in registration of actions inside the plugin interface.
Fixed highlighting of freshly added entries in lists (flashing).
Some internal recoding to remove depreciated library methods.
Fixed updating of Shortys in the list right after changing them.
Further enhancements in support of plugins
Rewritten and enhanced handling of clicks on Shortys.
* Sun Jul 15 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.3.0
Implementation of a plugin interface including a partly redesign:
this enables plugins to register actions and thus enhance Shortys features.
Some internal code and comment cleanups.
* Fri Jul 13 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.8
Some optical corrections to the share dialog.
Updated static backend configuration in doc files.
* Thu Jul 05 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.7
Enhandements of the share dialog to get a clearer appearance.
Fixed removal of Shortys belonging to a user deleted inside ownCloud.
* Thu Jun 28 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.6
Complet reimplementation of usage popups (optical and technical).
Per default suppress ssl certificate validation in backend communication.
Some IE specific styles fixes, the whole UI was unusable before !
- this might help in case the backend appears unusable.
- additional preference to force that validation.
Some additional explanatory hints in the sharing dialog.
* Thu Jun 21 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.5
Fixed translation engine to be compatible with OC versions > 4.0.2
A few minor linguistic corrections
* Sat Jun 16 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.4
Fix of a false positive whilst verification of the static backend base.
Offering the 'Shortlet' now when showing an empty list.
Minor improvements to background logging.
Minor gui improvements.
* Sat Jun 09 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.3
Bugfix for the routines generating shorty ids.
Fixes for usage under MS Windows platforms using php-5.4.
* Wed Jun 06 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.2
Added swallowing of accidential outputs during ajax requests.
This protects the replies JSON struction from being corrupted.
Additional server side log entries on level INFO
* Sat Jun 02 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.1
Fixed broken Shortlet
* Fri Jun 01 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.2.0
Support of ownCloud version 4 (app interface incompatible to prior versions)
Additional status 'private' for Shortys only accessible for the owner himself
Rudimentary SMS support for smart phones (more an assistance, can be disabled)
Additional QRCodes to publish Shorty source URLs on the web (or elsewhere)
Data migration support as introduced by OC4
Cleanup of Shortys upon user account deletion
* Sun May 28 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.6
Activation of Shorty sharing via SMS.
Enhanced backend descriptions.
* Sat Apr 28 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.5
Target URL verification is less strict now, this way also more 'exotic' URLs notations are accepted.
A few changes to the initilization scripts to prevent race conditions at startup.
Changed URL specification in the Shortlet to prevent conflicts with a serverside suhosin protection.
* Fri Apr 27 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.4
Visualization of busy state in dialogs while fetching meta data from targets.
* Fri Apr 27 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.3
Prevented untimely submission of dialogs before having validated their contents.
* Fri Apr 27 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.2
Fixed race conditions during initialization.
* Thu Apr 26 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.1
Minor appearance corrections
* Wed Apr 25 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.1.0
First official release.
* Tue Apr 24 2012 Christian Reiner: version 0.0.9
Initial release.
Buggy, but some parts actually working.

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 sharing with other users?

 by ClownOut on: Oct 5 2013
Score 50%

hi, after about an hour of failing i decided its time to ask for advice:
i understand this app to be able to share a shortened url with other users of my owncloud. for that i create a shorty and set it to public. but no other user can see it. if i chose share instead of public, also no other user can see it and i wonder why i am not being asked whom i want to share it with.
i use ownCloud 5.0.10 and installed the shorty app today for the fist time. i tried firefox and chrome in case the browser might block a share dialog.
thanks for any help (even explaining i misunderstood the function of the app...)
cheers, c.o.

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 Re: sharing with other users?

 by arkascha on: Oct 5 2013
Score 50%

Ok, great you are interested in this little app and thanks for the feedback! Always welcome!

I will try my best to shade some light on this:
I am afraid you got the wrong impression of how this app works in general. Indeed Shorty allows to shorten URLs and share them with others, but that sharing is completely different to sharing objects or files from within ownCloud. Actually it never even occurred to me to share a URL the way you expected things to work. Quite interesting...

As a matter of fact the sharing this Shorty app does is not really integrated with ownCloud. Shortened URLs can be shared with others (ownCloud users or not) by publishing the URL outside of ownCloud. You can for example post the shortened URL into an email message you send someone, or you can post it into a community forum on some web site. You can publish a QRCode on your website or blog. Many more things. but the basic idea is always the same: people click the shortened URL and are forwarded to the URLs target via your ownCloud acting as a controlling agent.
Shared Shortys do NOT appear inside other ownCloud users Shorty collection. That makes little sense: Shortys are not meant to be accessed from within the Shorty app, this app is only a tool to shorten, not to access those shortened URLs.

Indeed Shorty allows to share URLs with other ownCloud users or to make them public. But that does not result in the URLs getting visible somewhere automatically. That is up to you: you take the "Source URL" (the shortened one) and publish it wherever you want to. Whoever accesses that published url will be forwarded by your Shorty instance.
Indeed Shorty implements some basic access control. This layer also allows to share a URL only with other ownCloud users (as opposed to granting access to everyone). But this control is not a replacement for other means of authorization or access control.

I hope you got a new impression of what this app actually does!
You intuitive expectations are indeed an interesting approach. But I don\\\'t really see why you should have to shorten a URL when sharing it the way you expected things to work: if you would present a url to other ownCloud users inside their ownCloud account (maybe inside their view of the Shorty app), then that URL could left alone (unshortened). Shortening is only required when posting / publishing a URL so that it does not get broken by linewraps. And of course if you don\\\'t want to type a URL or address someone with a frightening URL of endless length and details :-)

And to make things even more clear a basic example might help:
Imagine you find that great thing on the internet. Maybe some hot deal on ebay, a blog entry about your favorit topic (owncloud of course...) or even your CV you offer on your own website. Instead of pasting the URL directly into an email message to send it to someone with the typical \\\"click here\\\" you click the \\\"Shortlet\\\" or create a Shorty from the URL manually. Then you take the shortened URL and paste and send it instead of the original URL. That URL is shorter and more compact, simply much more beautiful from a technical and practical point of view. As long as the Shorty is published inside your Shorty app the receipient can access the target by being relayed by your Shorty app. The moment remove or block that Shorty the shortened and published URL will not be relayed to the target URL any more. This way you can also block access to outdated information like an old version of your CV. You can even redirect the existing Shorty and thus the once published shortened URL to a new target, a new document version for example...

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 Re: Re: sharing with other users?

 by ClownOut on: Oct 6 2013
Score 50%

Ok, now I get it... So thanks for this detailed explanation and sorry for bothering with my complete misunderstanding of the app.
Maybe it would be an interesting add-on for the app, if one could share the shortys with other acoounts :-)
cheers, c.o.

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 Personal URL Shortener Support

 by Vinsulation on: Oct 20 2013
Score 50%


I know this has been mentioned previously, but I was hoping you might be able to give me a bit of personalized advice: I have a personal YoURLs installation at and I'd like to use it with Shorty. Is there a down-and-dirty way to hack the PHP to modify one of the currently-supported services to use my custom YoURLs install instead?


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 Re: Personal URL Shortener Support

 by arkascha on: Oct 20 2013
Score 50%

Hi, thanks for taking interest in this little app and thanks for the feeback. Always welcome!

Indeed this issue has been brought up several times and until now no approach of an integration was pointed out that actually makes sense. Using Shorty as a frontend for an existing YOURLs installation would be like using a knife and a saw at the same time: both things fulfill roughly the same purpose, you use one or the other depending on the situation, but there is very little sense to use both at the same time.
The YOURLS web page offers a short documentation of their API. It is pretty straight forward to copy an existing backend wrapper as implemented in Shorty and adapt it to use a YOURLS installation. In fact I did that month ago and it worked. However I learned that this does not really make sense, this is why I did not attempt to integrate that further into Shorty: it would make Shortys interface more complex, thus less intuitive, and in the end there would not be any benefit of such integration. As written many times before:
Using the static backend Shorty implements offers roughly the same what YOURLS can offer. Don\'t get this wrong: YOURLS is a great tool and it has a features Shorty does not offer (as the other way \'round). But using one tool ontop of the other would only make usage more complex without offering any real benefit.

What might make sense in my eyes would be to create a separate YOURLS frontend as an owncloud app. So that you have two alternatives inside your owncloud when you want to manage shortened URLs: YOURLS or Shorty. As said: both serve roughly the same purpose, so it absolutely makes sense to decide which tool suits your needs better.

As also written many times before I am well aware that I might no see certain aspects. That there might be an advantage I did not recognize. But until now no one could really point something out to me which really stood its ground when taking a closer look.

However: the Shorty app lives in the official owncloud github repositories. That is a wide open invitation to everyone to contribute to Shorty. So if you have an implementation I myself and others will be more than happy to take a look at it and integrate it. Unfortunately until now all attempts of a YOURLS integration made other backends unusable in Shorty and bloated the interface which certainly is not acceptable.

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 Re: Re: Personal URL Shortener Support

 by Vinsulation on: Oct 24 2013
Score 50%

Alas, if I was capable of modifying the code myself, I would certainly do it without bothering anyone for help. Unfortunately, I'm a mediocre code editor, at best, and I was hoping that there would be a simple way to modify one of the existing functions to call the API for my YoURLs install instead. I'm just not familiar enough with PHP and MySQL commands to know what I'm doing.

Thanks anyway.

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 by webghost on: Nov 15 2013
Score 50%

this is a great extension for ownCloud, really great, thank you.
The only thing I miss is the ability to group the entries. It is get messy with the time.
It would be great if you could divide the urls into different groups.
Maybe that would indeed something for a future version.

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 Re: Groups

 by arkascha on: Nov 16 2013
Score 50%

Thanks for this feedback! I see the point in your suggestion, it sounds like a very interesting enhancement to me. Not really easy to implement, the limited available space makes it hard to integrate more information especially into the list of Shortys. But certainly a solution could be found to visualize and handle such groups.

However there is an issue that I have to repeat:
Unfortunately as written many times before I can not invest the time to maintain these apps any longer. I asked several times for others to step forward, for active users to contribute, for interested people to fix small issues, all without success.
I would like to suggest that you yourself give it a try. The apps code lives on github inside the owncloud repositories, everyone is able and welcome to contribute. However there is another catch:
owncloud version 6 is approaching. Once more it is incompatible to prior versions in more aspects than expected. This is why the Shorty app will not be usable in owncloud anymore. I spend some time investigating what changes might be required and had to admit that because of layout changes all of the dialog templates and styles will have to be reimplemented. This is a time consuming thing because of the limited area available and the requirement to maintain backwards compatibility for at least version 5. As said before: I myself cannot invest that time.

I am sorry to say so, but without contributions and without the owncloud team itself jumping in this app will not be available any more in short time. Sorry.

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 i think yourls good

 by ozanozen on: Nov 26 2013
Score 50%

i think yourls very good alternative. how can i implement our OC system. is it possible ?

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 Re: Implementing a YOURLs frontend

 by arkascha on: Nov 26 2013
Score 50%

Sorry, I have some problems to understand what your comment / question here is.
I *guess* you are asking how to implement an owncloud app supporting YOURLs?

I said many many times before: YOURLs is a fine thing. I just don't see any point in connecting YOURLs and Shorty. Also I doubt that it makes real sense to connect YOURLs and OC, since YOURLs already offers a fine web interface. So what is the point? You only make things more complex in the end...
However if you want to give it a try: it certainly is possible, why not? Take an existing app as a starting point, or, even better, start with the app template offered by owncloud. Also you need to work through the documentation of the YOURLs API, this is how your app will communicate with YOURLs. The rest is up to 1. your creativity, 2. your imagination and 3. your studiousness and perfectionism.
Have fun with that project, you will most likely learn a lot of interesting things! ;-)

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 Error when I would enable the plugin

 by gergelyk3 on: Jan 20 2014
Score 50%


I get a following error message when I would enable the plugin.

An exception occurred while executing 'CREATE TABLE "oc_shorty" ("id" VARCHAR(12) NOT NULL, "status" VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT ''shared'' NOT NULL, "title" VARCHAR(1024) DEFAULT '''' NOT NULL, "favicon" VARCHAR(1024) DEFAULT '''', "source" CLOB NOT NULL, "target" CLOB NOT NULL, "user" VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL, "until" DATE DEFAULT NULL, "created" DATE DEFAULT NULL, "accessed" INTEGER DEFAULT '0', "clicks" INTEGER DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, "notes" CLOB DEFAULT '''' NOT NULL)': SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 near "shared": syntax error

What caused the problem?

Im using nginx + mysql

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 Re: Error when I would enable the plugin

 by arkascha on: Jan 20 2014
Score 50%

This looks like you tried to enable this app in an installation of owncloud version >= 6.0.

This app is not usable in installations of owncloud with a higher version number than 5.0.x. That is clearly stated in the description and the app is not approved nor offered for version 6.
The reason is a technical one: version 6 introduced (again) a number of incompatibilities in the API which requires all apps to be adapted. Since implementing apps such that they are compatible for multiple versions is really expensive in means of required time I simply cannot afford to do this. So I had to stop maintaining "my" apps. I asked for new maintainers to step forward for a few month, but it seems there is very little interest these apps. So these apps are not maintained any longer and won't be ported to newer versions of owncloud.

Sorry for the inconveniences.
I really spent a lot of time to implement and maintain "my" apps here. I made sure they were of high quality. but I simply cannot invest that time any more without getting any help whatsoever.

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 Re: Re: Error when I would enable the plugin

 by gergelyk3 on: Jan 21 2014
Score 50%


Sorry for my inattention.
Seems your app is very helpful.
Let me to congratulate it to you.

My question is, do you know any other apps what can success the same task than your app?

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