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ownCloud Productivity

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Submitted:  Jan 6 2015
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QOwnNotes is the notepad for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that works together with the notes application of ownCloud.

You can also manage your ownCloud and Task Plus / Calendar Plus todo lists with QOwnNotes.

Please ignore the "Minimum required" and "Maximum required" settings, they are only here to disable the App to be shown in the AppStore because it's a desktop App.

  • You own your own notes! All notes are stored as text files on your desktop computer.

  • Sync them with all your devices (desktop & mobile)

  • Use ownCloud Notes to edit your notes in the web

  • Manage your ownCloud todo lists (ownCloud tasks or Tasks Plus / Calendar Plus)

  • You are able to write down your thoughts with QOwnNotes and edit or search for them later from your mobile device (like with CloudNotes) or the ownCloud web-service.
    You'll find binaries on the project webpage:

    The notes are stored as plain text files and are synced with ownCloud's file sync functionality.

    I like the concept of having notes accessible in plain text files, like it is done in the ownCloud notes app, but I was not able to find a decent desktop note taking tool or a text editor, that handles them well. Out of this need QOwnNotes was born.

    Visit for installation instructions.
    Beside packages for Windows and OS X there are software repositories for Ubuntu Linux, Arch Linux, Debian Linux, openSUSE Linux, Fedora Linux and Gentoo Linux.

    QOwnNotes is available in many languages, amongst them:
    English, German, French, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch

    Please leave me a comment and tell me how you like QOwnNotes or write me your suggestions or report problems at:


    ## 16.06.13
    - there now is a checkbox to disable the status bar in the windows menu
    (for [Issue #230](
    - if you have disabled the status bar use the Esc key to leave
    the distraction free mode, because the `leave` button is in the status bar
    - there now is a **Slackware repository** for QOwnNotes (thanks a lot to
    @richarson for the help)
    (for [Issue #226](
    - please visit the [QOwnNotes installation page]( for instructions
    - fixed some `database not open` errors and possible problems with the database
    (for [Issue #226](
    - added more Dutch translation (thank you Telesight)
    - fixed a wrong string in the settings dialog

    ## 16.06.12
    - a problem with detecting the ownCloud server if it just returns a server
    code 302 when requesting the server url was fixed in the settings dialog
    - there now is a new scripting hook `handleNewNoteHeadlineHook()`, that is
    called before a new note is created
    (for [Issue #218](
    - it allows you to **modify the headline of a note before it is created**
    - note that you have to take care about a unique note name, otherwise
    the new note will not be created, it will just be found in the note list
    - there is an example at
    - added more Hungarian and Russian translation (thank you Fabijenna and

    ## 16.06.11
    - the 100% cpu problem when disabling the markdown highlighter in the settings
    is now fixed (for [Issue #217](
    - there are now more dependencies required in the openSUSE packages:
    `libQt5Sql5-sqlite libQt5Gui5 libQt5Network5 libQt5Widgets5 libQt5Xml5`
    (for [Issue #220](
    - there now are repositories for **Fedora 24**
    - please visit the [QOwnNotes installation page]( for instructions
    - relative file urls like `[manual](file://../ownCloudUserManual.pdf)` and
    `` now work in the note text edit and the
    note preview (for [Issue #221](

    ## 16.06.10
    - if there were no note folders found when QOwnNotes starts they now will
    generated from the settings at the very beginning, this should prevent some
    errors (for [Issue #220](
    - the packages `libQt5Sql5` and `libQt5PrintSupport5` are now required in the
    QOwnNotes openSUSE packages
    (for [Issue #220](

    ## 16.06.9
    - there now is note folder information in the debug dump in the settings dialog
    - a fallback for loading the note folder path to prevent `Can't write
    to "/notes.sqlite"` errors was added
    (for [Issue #219]( and
    [Issue #220](
    - the layout direction for the `next` button in the welcome dialog was
    changed to `left to right` again, because some operating systems showed
    strange behaviors with `right to left`
    (for [Issue #220](

    ## 16.06.8
    - the menu entry `Show in system tray` was renamed to `Show menu bar item` on
    OS X (for [Issue #214](
    - the `Show toolbar` menu entry is now checked as long as there is one toolbar
    activated (for [Issue #213](
    - if the menu entry it is checked by a user all toolbars will be activated
    - under OS X now a lot of settings keys, that get added by Qt under OS X
    will be ignored in the debug output of the settings dialog
    (for [Issue #217](
    - added more Portuguese, Japanese, French, Hungarian and Spanish translation
    (thank you mlimacarlos, piyo, Loelo, Fabijenna and kender)

    ## 16.06.7
    - when doing a text search in your note the selected text is now preset as
    search text if there is any and there is no other search text filled in
    - added more information to the debug tab in the settings
    - the todo tab in the settings is now disabled if there are no ownCloud settings
    (for [Issue #208](
    - the app instance settings are now hidden on OS X since we don't need them
    there (for [Issue #208](
    - added more Portuguese and Russian translation (thank you mlimacarlos and

    ## 16.06.6
    - you now can use a real **dark mode** on every operating system
    (for [Issue #208](
    - turn it on in the interface settings
    - very long tag names will now be shortened in the tag remove button
    (for [Issue #210](
    - added more Hungarian and Spanish translation (thank you Fabijenna and kender)

    ## 16.06.5
    - Ctrl + Space to solve simple equations and open links
    now also works under OS X
    (for [Issue #203](
    - menu icons are now hidden under OSX to be more "conform"
    (for [Issue #198](
    - you now can disable the soft wrapping in the note editor and preview in the
    window menu (for [Issue #197](
    - the creation of empty tags is now disabled
    (for [Issue #197](
    - added more Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Japanese and German translation
    (thank you mlimacarlos, frostyland, Telesight, Fabijenna, piyo and bigant)

    ## 16.06.4
    - file names with multiple dots are now supported when inserting a headline
    from the note filename with Ctrl + ⇧ + H
    (for [Issue #206](
    - you now can open a link at the current cursor position with
    Ctrl + Space
    (for [Issue #203](
    - added more Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Japanese and German translation
    (thank you mlimacarlos, frostyland, Telesight and piyo)

    ## 16.06.3
    - the **highlighting** for text found by the **search for multiple words**
    feature from version 16.06.2 now also works for those patterns
    (for [Issue #195](
    - Ctrl + ⇧ + H now inserts a headline from
    the note filename at the top of the note
    (for [Issue #201](
    - there now is a new toolbar for the quit button right of the other toolbars,
    so this button can be disabled
    (for [Issue #197](
    - you can now set the markdown highlighting interval in the interface settings
    (for [Issue #104](
    - setting it to `0` will disable the highlighting
    (for [Issue #197](

    ## 16.06.2
    - you now can **search for multiple words** in notes
    (for [Issue #195](
    - by default notes that contain every single word will be found, `word1
    word2` will find all notes that are containing `word1` and `word2`
    - you can search for longer texts by using quotes, `"this word1" word2`
    will find all notes that are containing `this word1` and `word2`
    - there now is a **search history**
    (for [Issue #138](
    - your last 100 note searches will be stored and you can access them as
    completer in the note search line edit
    - for every note folder a different search history will be kept
    - your whole search history will be shown if you press the Down
    button in the note search line edit
    - added more Chinese translation (thank you hoilc)

    ## 16.06.1
    - the window title will now be updated correctly if the note is renamed
    - added more Spanish translation (thank you guijan)

    ## 16.06.0
    - now the tag list context menu isn't opened if no tags are selected
    (for [Issue #166](
    - fixed a wrong note count for `All notes` in the tag list
    - the item `Untagged notes` in the tag list will now only be viewed if there
    are untagged notes
    - instead of the notification dialog after bulk tagging notes now a status
    message will be shown
    (for [Issue #166](
    - added more Portuguese, Russian, German and Japanese translation (thank you
    mlimacarlos, frostyland, bigant and piyo)

    ## 16.05.24
    - you can now `Show note in file manager` and `Open note in external editor`
    from the context menu in the note list
    (for [Issue #188](
    - added tag name auto-completion when adding a tag to the current note
    (for [Issue #166](
    - there now is a new item in the tag list that allows you to view all untagged
    notes (for [Issue #166](
    - added more Portuguese and Japanese translation (thank you mlimacarlos and

    ## 16.05.23
    - it is now possible to add **custom note file extensions** in the settings
    (for [Issue #185](
    - these file extensions will be recognized in the note list and you can
    create new notes with them
    - they will also work with the ownCloud note versions and the trash feature
    (for the latter you have to update QOwnNotesAPI on your ownCloud
    server to version 0.4.4)
    - fixed a possible crash in the ownCloud trash dialog
    - added a menu entry to the `#qownnotes` **IRC channel** on freenode
    - join the fun at [#qownnotes IRC channel](
    - added more Portuguese, Dutch and Hungarian translation (thank you
    mlimacarlos and Fabijenna)

    ## 16.05.22
    - more fixes for a problem with the interface language under Windows
    (for [Issue #184](

    ## 16.05.21
    - attempted to fix a problem with the interface language
    (for [Issue #184](
    - added frames for the search box for the task description edit, the
    note version view, the log dialog and the settings debug output edit so that
    the search widget doesn't get placed inside the text edits
    - the note text view in the trash dialog now also supports markdown
    highlighting and text searching
    - replacing in markdown text edits is now prohibited if they are readonly
    - when creating a code block from a selected multi-line text now a newline
    character will be added at the end of the selected text if there wasn't
    already one there
    - added more information to the debug settings tab

    ## 16.05.20
    - the `insert code block` command will now automatically use a multi-line
    code block instead of an inline code block if a newline character is found in
    the selected text (for [Issue #180](
    - the `deb` package should now use the 2016 version of the application icon
    - added more Italian and Russian translation (thank you alexl and frostyland)

    ## 16.05.19
    - added more information to the debug settings tab
    - added a hot-fix for a crash in conjunction with the system tray under
    Ubuntu 14.04 (for [Issue #172](
    - added more Japanese, German and Portuguese translation (thank you piyo, bigant and mlimacarlos)

    ## 16.05.18
    - in the tray icon there now is a new context menu entry for opening QOwnNotes
    (for [Issue #176](
    - left clicking on the tray icon now doesn't show or hide the app under OS X
    because this will also also trigger the context menu
    - closing the app from the title bar should now hide the app more reliably if
    the system tray icon was enabled
    - opening QOwnNotes with the tray icon or the context menu entry will also
    un-minimize the window and bring it to the front
    (for [Issue #176](
    - trying to fix duplicate menu entries in the context menu under Ubuntu 14.04
    (for [Issue #172](
    - the pane sizes in the main window are now saved and restored for all
    combinations of tag pane, edit pane, markdown pane and vertical mode
    toggling possibilities to assure a better pane sizes experience when
    toggling different panes
    (for [Issue #175](

    ## 16.05.17
    - the log entries in the log window now have different colors depending on
    their log type
    - fixed a crash when showing the log window after opening QOwnNotes from the
    system tray
    - from the QOwnNotes tray icon you can now create new notes, open the ten top
    most notes, open the todo lists, open the 10 most recent tasks or quit the app
    (for [Issue #172](
    - the tasks of your todo lists will now automatically be updated from your
    ownCloud server every 10 minutes to allow better reminding of tasks
    (for [Issue #172](
    - the `Show in system tray` checkbox was moved to the `Window` menu
    - added more Japanese and Russian translation (thank you piyo and frostyland)

    ## 16.05.16
    - added improvements to the HTML export by @dwu
    - assigned tags are now preserved when manually renaming a note
    - many improvements with note file renaming and preserving tags in
    conjunction with scripting and automatic filename generation has been made
    (for [Issue #170](
    - the scripting hook `handleNoteTextFileNameHook(note)` now needs to return
    a filename without file-extension
    - added more German, Japanese and Russian translation (thank you bigant, piyo and frostyland)

    ## 16.05.15
    - the note folder select box is now hidden correctly every time, if it should not be viewed and was triggered by the shortcut
    - fixed a database warning
    - now also the cursor position in the note text will be restored when switching note folders
    - when replacing text in a note with the `Replace` button the cursor will now stay with the last search hit if no more text can be replaced instead of moving to the top of the note
    - the note version dialog now also lets you also view the full text of the versioned note (beside only the diff between the version on the server and the current version)
    - you can also search in the note text with Ctrl + F
    - there now is a new scripting hook `noteToMarkdownHtmlHook(note, html)` that is called when the markdown html of a note is generated
    - it allows you to modify this html
    - this is for example called before by the note preview
    - there is an example call in
    - added more Japanese and Portuguese translation (thank you piyo and mlimacarlos)

    ## 16.05.14
    - there are several new features in the **log dialog**
    - you can now select different log types you want to log: `debug`, `info`, `warning`, `critical`, `fatal`, `status` and `scripting`
    - the adding of log entries to the text area was improved to handle many log entries
    - the log text area will now only scroll automatically to the bottom if it was scrolled to the bottom before the log entry was added
    - you can search for text in the text area with Ctrl + F
    - there is a new button to clear the log
    - there are now icons for each dialog
    - fixed two possible crashes in the versioning dialog
    - you are now able to ignore all external modifications of your note file while you are editing your note in the note diff dialog
    - you can turn the ignore off in the settings
    - added more Japanese and Portuguese translation (thank you piyo and mlimacarlos)

    ## 16.05.13
    - there now is a new shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F that lets you select a different note folder
    - you now can now reload the scripting engine with Ctrl + ⇧ + S
    - you need to do that when you modify a script
    - you can also do that with a button in the scripting settings
    - it will be done automatically when you set a script file, delete a script or store the settings
    - you can now open a dialog to view past status messages and the log output from your scripts
    - use the new script command `script.log()` to log to that dialog
    - there now is a new menu entry for exporting the HTML of your note preview
    - downloading media files, web pages for links, calendar files for the todo list and files in QML scripting will now support following redirects from Qt 5.6 on
    - there now is a new script function `script.downloadUrlToString("http://the-webpage");`
    - it allows you to download an url to a string
    - there is an example
    - added more German and Russian translation (thank you bigant and frostyland)

    ## 16.05.12
    - tags and notes can now be exposed to the QML scripting engine
    - beside the note name, the file name and the note text you can also get a list of all assigned tag names for notes or a list of assigned tag objects
    - see [examples]( for a full list of all note properties and functions
    - you can get the current note with `script.currentNote()` from QML
    - `function onNoteStored(note)` now gets a note object as parameter instead of just the filename and the note text
    - there now is a new scripting hook `function handleNoteTextFileNameHook(note)` that is called when a note gets stored to disk (if *Allow note file name to be different from headline* is enabled in the settings)
    (for [Issue #166](
    - it allows you to modify the name of the note file
    - there is an example at [use-tag-names-in-filename.qml](
    - added more Japanese, Portuguese, German and Dutch translation (thank you piyo, mlimacarlos, bigant and Telesight)

    ## 16.05.11
    - fixed the QOwnNotesAPI test in the settings dialog if no network connection is present
    - made the ownCloud server error text in the settings dialog copyable by mouse
    - clarified the the meaning of the setting `notify about all external modifications`
    - generally increased the time a status message is visible for messages that were viewed too short
    - scripts are now automatically validated when the script file is set in the settings dialog
    - a new script hook was added `insertingFromMimeDataHook`
    - this function is called when html or media file are pasted to a note with `Ctrl + Shift + V`
    - you can intercept the media paste mechanism with it
    - there is an example
    - the script function `modifyMediaMarkdown` was be renamed to `insertMediaHook` for more consistency
    - added a `Paste HTML or media` context menu entry for notes
    - added more Japanese translation (thank you piyo)

    ## 16.05.10
    - QOwnNotes now has experimental **scripting support**
    - by using the power of the QQmlEngine and QML files you are now able
    to script some behaviors in the application yourself
    - you will find a new *Scripting* tab in the settings dialog where you can
    add as many scripts to QOwnNotes as you like
    - it is possible to disable or remove scripts
    - you may need to restart QOwnNotes to let changes in a script take action
    - I prepared some
    to play around with
    - if you need access to a certain functionality in QOwnNotes or have
    questions or ideas please open an issue on the
    [QOwnNotes issue page](

    ## 16.05.9
    - added a small remedy for the problem of not detected external note changes under Linux
    - fixed the `undefined` list entry in the version dialog and the trash dialog
    - fixed a problem with the automatic text selection when replacing text in notes

    ## 16.05.8
    - fixed the the jumping to headlines when clicking on them in the navigation bar if the note edit pane was disabled at app startup
    - fixed the distraction free mode if the note edit pane was disabled while entering the distraction free mode
    - added more Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Russian translation (thank you piyo, mlimacarlos, rogepix and frostyland)

    ## 16.05.7
    - made a workaround for the not working page setup dialog for the PDF export under OS X and Windows
    - you can select page sizes from A0 to A9
    - you can select the page orientation (portrait and landscape)
    - added more German translation

    ## 16.05.6
    - SHA256 hashes were added to the AUR repository
    - you can now select the page format when exporting notes as PDF
    - added more German, Japanese and French translation (thank you piyo and Loelo)

    ## 16.05.5
    - fixed a problem with the Gentoo Linux overlay
    - did some styling fixes for the text replace widget on OS X
    - you can new use a new setting in the general settings to **allow that the note file name is different from the note headline**
    - this allows you to keep your old note files regardless of what the content of them is
    - the note name will also be found in the note search
    - you are able to **rename your note files** by double-clicking on the note name in the note list
    - renaming will fail if there already exists a note with the same name
    - some characters are also not allowed in the file name, they will be
    removed automatically
    - be aware of that ownCloud notes needs the note file name to be the same as the note headline
    - added more Japanese translation (thank you piyo)

    ## 16.05.4
    - the last open note will now be remembered when switching between note folders
    - you can now use the new **regular expression** and **whole word** modes to search for text inside of notes
    - when replacing with regular expressions containing capturing parentheses, occurrences of `\1`, `\2`, ... can be used in the replace text
    - fixed a possible search and replace infinite loop
    - added support for case sensitive search
    - added more Portuguese and German translation (thank you mlimacarlos and dgirke)

    ## 16.05.3
    - QOwnNotes will now be built from a **source archive** (like it should be) in the AUR and in the Gentoo overlay (and not from git repositories)
    - visit [Building QOwnNotes]( for more information on building QOwnNotes and source archives
    - the text is now also selected in the text replace dialog
    - added more Japanese translation (thank you piyo)

    ## 16.05.2
    - the **active tag** will now be **remembered across different note folders**when switching between note folders
    - the note preview is now regenerated once a second when the preview pane is resized to readjust the width of embedded images
    (for [Issue #154](
    - when the text replace functionality is activated now the currently selected text will be entered in the search line edit
    - when clicking a headline in the navigation bar the text beneath the headline will be now made fully visible by scrolling more intelligently
    (for [Issue #153](
    - in addition the text of the headline will be selected
    - if a note was created by hitting `Return` in the note search line edit now
    the line edit will be cleared so all notes will be viewed again
    - Ctrl + Space now tries to **solve simple equations** like `(4+5)*3=` in the current line in front of the cursor
    (for [Issue #152](
    - the result will be put into the note if the cursor is after the `=`
    - fixed a problem where opening the settings dialog from an other dialog would remove some settings

    ## 16.05.1
    - fixed the automatic image resizing in the preview under Windows
    - improved the automatic image width calculation for the image resizing in the preview
    - fixed a sporadic crash that occurred when switching the note folder
    - in the navigation tree now a suitable parent headline will be searched if the headline order was not correct
    - the preview view now also scrolls to the position of the headline if clicked in the navigation bar
    - the navigation bar now also works while editing encrypted notes
    - added more Portuguese, Japanese and Dutch translation (thank you mlimacarlos, piyo and hartwin)

    ## 16.05.0
    - a navigation bar that shows the headline structure of the current note was implemented
    - click on a headline to jump to it in the note
    - you can hide the navigation bar by dragging it to the bottom with the
    splitter handle between the note list and the navigation bar
    - added more German and French translation (thank you Loelo)

    Please visit for the complete change log.

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     Really nice!

     by zakoon on: Jan 5 2016
    Score 63%

    I'm using your Software since Version 3 or so, and just want to thank you for developing this App. It's my favourite Notes-Software fpr Linux now, mainly because it integrates so good with Owncloud. Thank you a lot and I wish you healthy a productive year 2016! ;-)

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     Re: Really nice!

     by pbe78 on: Jan 22 2016
    Score 50%

    Thank you a lot for your kind words, they are the fuel that keep me going! And I'm deeply sorry I answered so late, I didn't get any notification from :(

    Have a wonderful weekend and rest of 2016! ;)

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     by zodiachacker99 on: Jun 19 2016
    Score 50%



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     by zodiachacker99 on: Jun 19 2016
    Score 50%



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