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ownCloud Multimedia

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Minimum required   ownCloud 8.2
Maximum required   ownCloud 9.0
Downloads:  14760
Submitted:  Mar 5 2015
Updated:  Jun 20 2016


IMPORTANT - This app currently requires PHP 5.5+. The next version is going to require PHP 5.6+
IMPORTANT - Disable the official Gallery app and clear your browser's cache before enabling this app
IMPORTANT - Some experimental apps from the app store might break Gallery+ if they load their scripts everywhere

Gallery+ provides a dedicated view of all images in a grid, adds image viewing capabilities to the files app and adds a gallery view to public links.

* Support for large selection of visual media types (depending on ownCloud setup)
* Upload and organise images and albums straight from the app
* Large, zoomable previews which can be shown in fullscreen mode
* Sort images by name or date
* Per album design, description and copyright statement
* A la carte features (external shares, browser svg rendering, etc.)
* Image download straight from the slideshow or the gallery
* Switch to Gallery+ from any folder in files and vice-versa
* Ignore folders containing a ".nomedia" file
* Browser rendering of SVG images (disabled by default)
* Mobile support
* Direct Gallery+ and download links from the share dialogue using the ShareLinks app

You can see it in action here:

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You can help support the development of the app by getting a support contract or by funding the development of new features.
Contact us at:

Media types
In core:
PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, Illustrator, Photoshop, Postscript, + 3D pictures as 2D JPEG, Fonts (Type1, TTF, OTF)

Via support contract:
* Current: Raw, Advanced SVG
* Possible: 3D, BPG, WebP
Note that for the best SVG rendering, you will need additional software installed such as Inkscape.


Bugs, enhancements and new features
Make sure to read the readme before reporting bugs:
8.2 (EOL)
We aim to squash all reported bugs quickly while keeping an excellent level of code quality as can be seen through our code analysis ratings.

New features in the pipeline:
  • Meta data support

  • Automatic background colour selection in the slideshow for transparent images

  • Action menu

  • User settings


  • Disable the official Gallery app and clear your browser's cache

  • You need to empty your assets folder if you're using asset pipelining

  • Browser rendering of SVG images is not supported on Internet Explorer, but it is on Edge

  • Changelog:

    owncloud-galleryplus (15.1.0)

    * [security] Tokens give access to all the files owned by the sharer, so we need to have additional checks in place (@oparoz)
    * Add delete button to slideshow owncloud/gallery#649 (@manishbisht @oparoz)
    * Add "hide album" feature available from the [+] button owncloud/gallery#547 (@eknoes @oparoz)
    * Various fixes (@oparoz)

    owncloud-galleryplus (15.0.0)

    Many thanks to the sponsors of new features and to the students who have collaborated while evaluating ownCloud as a GSoC project.

    * Drag and drop files and folders owncloud/gallery#405 (@oparoz)
    * Upload straight from the app owncloud/gallery#25 (@oparoz)
    * Show thumbnails as soon as they're received owncloud/gallery#29 (@oparoz)
    * Add missing options in share dialogue owncloud/gallery#565 owncloud/gallery#213 (@imjalpreet)
    * Add flickr style gradients (@raghunayyar)
    * Full Album Name is now shown on hovering (@imjalpreet)
    * Fix the download button on public pages owncloud/gallery#554 (@imjalpreet)
    * Close the share dialogue when performing another action owncloud/gallery#545 (@viraj96)
    * PHP7 compatibility

    The full changelogs are available here :

    ownCloud 9.0
    ownCloud 8.2
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     How to enable generate thumbnails feature?

     by skyjacker on: Jun 5 2016
    Score 50%

    I have installed Gallery+ from GitHub but when I try in shell:
    > sudo -u www-data ./occ gallery:create-thumbnails --all

    Get message:
    > [Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\CommandNotFoundException]
    > There are no commands defined in the "gallery" namespace.

    how to install version with this thumbnail features?

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     Re: How to enable generate thumbnails feature?

     by interfasys on: Jun 21 2016
    Score 50%
    interfaSys sàrl

    Unfortunately, that beta feature has stopped working a few months ago and the documentation failed to reflect that.

    There are currently no plans to re-introduce it in the near future, but ownCloud may add something into core

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