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Files Tree


ownCloud Tool

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Files Tree

Files Tree

Homepage:  Link
Depends on  ownCloud 6
Downloads:  15724
Submitted:  Nov 26 2012
Updated:  Feb 13 2014


Enhance file-system navigation :
* adds a tree to explore filesystem
* provides full AJAX navigation
* Shows "shared with me" content

App page on our (french) blog :

Source on Github :
Make sure that the folder is well named "files_tree"


V 0.8.0
Fix : OC6 friendly

V 0.7.0
Add : tree (re)remembers opened folders
Add : check if the opening url is /Shared and redirect to correctly manage read/write rights
Add : Do not display files_tree in public shared folders
Fix : Improve JS code cleanness

V 0.6.9
Fix : "You don't have permissions here" problem by javicarabantes

V 0.6.8
Fix : Subdirectory OC installs

V 0.6.7
Fix : reloads and display shared items

V 0.6.6
Fix : works fine in trashbin

V 0.6.5
Add : Full drag and drop support
Fix : Scan only opened folders, increases performances
Fix : Hide new and upload button if write is not permitted
Fix: Bug fix

V 0.6.0
Add : Show shared content in root directory
Add : Breadcrumb transition
Add : German translation by Robert Hennig
Fix: Improved compability with other apps

V 0.5.2
Fix : Decode files URI to make it "texteditor friendly"

V 0.5.1
Fix : Bug fix

V 0.5.0
Add : Full AJAX navigation
Fix : Performances optimization

V 0.4.2
Fix : Performances optimization
Fix : Cache was making opened folders forgotten
Fix : CSS fix

V 0.4.1
Fix : Only refresh cache on folder action

V 0.4.0
Add : Performances optimization with cache
Add : Refresh cache button
Add : French translation

V 0.3.0
Add : OC5 friendly
Fix : Performances optimization

V 0.2.2
Fix : Closed icon folder for ownCloud not running in the host root

V 0.2.1
Add : Different icon for open or closed folders
Fix : icon folder for ownCloud not running in the root of the virtual host

V 0.2.0
Add : Enhanced GUI

V 0.1.1
Add : Different colours for expanded or collpased toggle buttons
Fix : Empty folder superposition bug

V 0.1.0
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LicenseCreative Commons by-nc
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 is there a problem with smb files and folders?

 by slugshell on: Feb 28 2014
Score 50%

Hello, first, i want to thank you for this plugin, it is working with out major issues on my owncloud 6 but a small issue seems to be that if i drag and drop files from a folder or file from the right frame to your tree it only moves or copies the files to the root folder not the subfolders. Somehow it seems that your tree seems to not recognize the mouse movement dragging the folder..
Maybe there is a setting, i have overseen?


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 owncloud 6.0.1

 by oscaroxy on: Feb 28 2014
Score 50%

Good work, like always, but I installed the last stable version of own 6.0.1 and the FT don't work fine.
I look only the root in the file tree (left on the screen), that is when I change folder in right side on the screen then in file tree (left side) I only see the root folder. Why?

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 Re: owncloud 6.0.1

 by Markus777 on: Apr 1 2014
Score 50%

Same for me, navigating on the right does not change or expand the files tree folders on the left. Would be really great if this would be synced.
Great app anyway! Thanks for you work!

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 Ne fonctionne pas avec la version 6.0.1 d'OwnCloud

 by Whaouu on: Mar 3 2014
Score 50%

Impossible de l'activer j'ai le message d'erreur :

An exception occurred while executing 'INSERT INTO `oc_appconfig` ( `appid`, `configkey`, `configvalue` ) VALUES( ?, ?, ? )': SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'appid' cannot be null


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 Re: Ne fonctionne pas avec la version 6.0.1 d'OwnC

 by hollosch on: Mar 3 2014
Score 50%

Same problem here...

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 Re: Ne fonctionne pas avec la version 6.0.1 d'OwnC

 by tgutwin on: Mar 15 2014
Score 50%

Same problem on my OC 6.0.1

The unzipped directory name must be files_tree.
The download package unzips to Owncloud-Files_tree-master

rename the Owncloud-Files_tree-master directory to --> files_tree

It worked for me.

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 bad css

 by babarnc on: Mar 17 2014
Score 50%

I have a problem with the css
the first folder is too high and is partly hidden by owncloud navigation bar
firefox 27.01 and owncloud 6.02

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 Re: bad css

 by aotao on: Mar 18 2014
Score 50%

Ahoi babarnc,

funny coincidence: yesterday I wrote/left a comment and a ready sollution on authors webpage ( As I looked today on the page, I realized that my message was just deleted without a comment or an email. So: Sorry for ...don't know... and thanks in anyway...

If anyone has the same problem with the plugin under OC 6.0, can replace the original css with mine ( And if anyone has a little more experience with git may contribute it.

Kind regards,

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 Re: Re: bad css

 by Markus777 on: Apr 1 2014
Score 50%

Worked for me, thanks a lot!

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 Re: Re: Re: bad css

 by aotao on: Apr 1 2014
Score 50%

You're welcome...

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