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One Time Password Backend


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One Time Password Backend

One Time Password Backend

One Time Password Backend

Version Control:  Link
Minimum required   ownCloud 7
Downloads:  3645
Submitted:  Jun 17 2013
Updated:  Nov 4 2014


This application is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

One Time Password Backend can create TOTP and HOTP and generate QrCode
Based on library multiOTP develop by "SysCo systèmes de communication" (thanks)
test with "Google Authenticator" and "android Token"
Can works with Yubikey see doc here :
Administrator interface to manage users OTP
require Owncloud >= 7

if you want help to make bug fix, enhancement or translation your welcome.
Just fork the github project and submit your pull request

Version 2.5

Upload user_otp directory under the 'apps' directory of your ownCloud.
user_otp folder should have read write permission for the web server user (under debian/ubutnu : chown -R www-data:www-data user_otp)
Navigate to the 'Apps' page in Admin.
Click on 'user_otp' in the application list. Then click the 'Enable' button.

- Navigate to the 'Admin' page to set the server encryption key;
- Click 'Save';
- Navigate to 'Personal' page to create Your OTP

- keep an admin user working without otp in case of a lost of otp seed
if not you can delete otp user config in the db with the query
"delete from *PREFIX*user_otp where `user` = 'YOURUSERLOGIN'
replace *PREFIX* by owncloud table prefix 'oc_' by default

- Use the navigation entry "OTP users" (on left bar, with admin account)
to manage user's OTP
- if you want to be able to send email to users with OTP config
your server must be correctly configure :

- improve Admin interface to manage otp user information (mass provisionning / ...)
- add user rescue otp code as lost password process


V2.5.1 2014-11-04
bug fix Can login without the otp even with passwor + OTP option #80
V2.5 2014-11-01:
bug fix ownCloud 7 compatible? #70
bug fix / enhancement Not working properly with encryption enabled #66
bug fix Timezone errors #64
bug fix Cannot login with two-factor authentication #69
bug fix / enhancement Add support for News API #74

V2.4 2014-04-29: (2.4.1)
bug fix DB:MySQL ERROR: Unable to write the changes in the file #61

V2.4 2014-04-27:
enhancement stop browsers trying to "remember the OTP but only the "real" password #56
enhancement change on admin page HOTP params #41
enhancement it would be nice to be able to set an own "accuracy" #57
update multiOTP class from 4.0.6 to #58
bug fix no OTP field #53
bug fix css #55
bug fix text error "passorwd" #54

V2.3 2014-04-14:
enhancement enter regular password and OTP within same field #44
enhancement admin option for user can't disable otp option (only changed it) #48
bug fix lost password link not working when otp is enable #47
bug fix user (including admin) can't change password with OTP+password required option # 50

V2.2 2014-02-28:
enhancement page liste users with otp for admin #40
enhancement Small changes to make this compatible with Yubikey (HOTP) #33 (thanks to Bas)
bug fix user-otp prevents creation of new ownCloud users #36
bug fix setting up user token seed fails on OC6 with PostgreSQL 9.1 #38 (thanks to rainforest1155)
bug fix two factor auth for user not have a two factor auth #39
bug fix Password-field behaviour for "Two Factor Authendication"is different #6
bug fix Broken path to password.svg - variable owncloud root path #32

V2.1 2014-02-02:
bug fix SQL Error using Postgresql as DB #25
bug fix Password not change! #27
owncloud 6 bug fix #28
remove windows binary from the 3rd party
bug fix personal setting error #29

V2 :
lot of bug fix
update multiOTP lib (4.0.4)
store otp user information in owncloud DB
should work with all user backend!
add two factor authenticator options

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 oc 7.03 and otp 2.5 issues

 by svenniD on: Nov 20 2014
Score 50%

i'm running oc 7.03 and OTP 2.5 (from github) and have some issues.

otp app is running, admin settings are fine and i can create an otp qr-code but only for the admin account.

at my user account the following error appears: check app folder rights. they have been set to 777 :-)

when i try to login with my admin account (otp enabled) the following error appears: "ERROR: Authentication failed (and other possible unknown errors)". so i have to delete the user with phpmyadmin at the oc_use_top table.

would be thankful for any advice.

regards svenniD

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 Re: oc 7.03 and otp 2.5 issues

 by svenniD on: Nov 20 2014
Score 50%

i checked the oc_user_otp table after the error message appeared (after creating a top token seed with my standard account) and there is a token seed for my user but still doesn't work :-(

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 Re: oc 7.03 and otp 2.5 issues

 by JonasNobs on: Nov 25 2014
Score 50%

Do you use also MySQL as the database in the backend?
Seems beeing a general issue when using MySQL as the DB.

When the error for the user appears, do you see the users entry in the table 'oc_users_otp'?

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 Re: Re: oc 7.03 and otp 2.5 issues

 by svenniD on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

thats right, i use a mysql db.

at the first time created the token seed (with standard user) no error message appeared and the sql entry at oc_users_otp was created successfully. but nothing changed at the backend. as i pushed the create button again the error message "check app folder rights" appeared. strange...

best regards

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 Re: Re: Re: oc 7.03 and otp 2.5 issues

 by JonasNobs on: 2 days ago
Score 50%

good news, even though it's bad...but that means the problem is reproducible.
and too me it's the use of MySQL as the DB's backend, which is causing the issue. respectively is the problem actually to display the generated otp details of the user (as they got created).
the error message which appears, is generated because the entry exists already for this user (imho). Only the error message is a bit confusing.

@loki36; which details would we have to provide you in order to shoot this issue?
would it help to open an issue on git to track it there?

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: oc 7.03 and otp 2.5 issues

 by loki9236 on: 2 days ago
Score 50%


thank's for your investigation. yes I think an issue on github is the good place to follow this bug

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 Integration with yubikey

 by theclown on: Nov 24 2014
Score 50%


I am having trouble using my Yubikey as a OTP. I am following the instructions in the blog article, but still cannot login when I enable the plugin. I am not sure what encryption key do I need to type in the OTP configuration. Anyway leaving it blank didnt work for me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thnx in advance.

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